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Spring 2024 Lunch & Learn Webinar Series Wrap-Up

May 24, 2024

We want to again say thank you to the presenters and members who joined us each week for our inaugural Wednesday Lunch & Learn webinar series! From AI to social media, earned media to advocacy, a wide range of topics were covered for during these weekly lunchtime breaks. 

Below you'll find the links to the recap for all 16 webinars presented January through May, 2024. Each recap includes a bullet-point summary, slide decks, and a video recording.

The webinar series will be returning this Fall 2024, so please keep an eye out on our website and in our newsletter for the webinar schedule!

#1: The Proposed Executive Budget & Tourism Advocacy

In this inaugural webinar, Mark Dorr, President of the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSHTA) provided insights and remarks on the Proposed Executive Budget and its effects on New York State's tourism industry. Mark discussed the budget and legislative advocacy priorities for 2024, including NYSHTA's short-term rental bill, updates on Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs), air conditioner default legislation, and more. Full recap.

#2: Rent Responsibly: The Bridge Program - Eclipse Edition

David Krauss, CEO and Co-founder of Rent Responsibly, shared insights on how DMOs and CVBs can, through Rent Responsibly's Bridge Program, leverage the STR host community to amplify the impact of existing programs and resources. Case studies included MVP Hosting Bootcamp with Arizonians for Responsible Tourism, and a Five-Star Summer Campaign with Visit Greater Palm Springs. Full Recap

#3: The Value of Earned Media

Colleen Onuffer and Colleen Senglaub from Travel Alliance Partnership (formerly Break the Ice Media) discussed the huge dividends of earned media in tourism marketing efforts, which includes helping to build authenticity and developing trust with audiences. Case studies include the NSYTIA Canadian Co-Op Prorgam and the 024 Outdoor Co-Op Program. Full Recap

#4: Be Mine, Traveler: 10 Ways We've Captured Hearts in Tourism Marketing

In her aptly-timed Valentine's Day-themed webinar, Susan Green from Paperkite shared the many ways in which you can build the success of any campaign while staying true to your brand and message. With a little focus on language, logic and locality, Susan takes you through multiple examples from Instagram to TikTok and everything in-between. Full Recap

#5: How YOU Doin? A Multiple Dataset Approach to Stay Up-To-Date With Your Destination

In this data-driven webinar, Geoff Lacher, and Rich Adam from Rove discussed the many benefits to engaging in data to help you make decisions, engage in educating everyone in your organization, and eliminate data blockers to enable frontline action. Geoff and Rich share the upcoming dashboards and new data model in Rove and how you can take advantage of these new benefits. Full Recap

#6: Winning Content for Travel Guides & Collateral Material

From content tips to must-haves in every publication, Tom Martinelli, President & Chief Content Officer at Content Studio New York, shared his expertise on how to attract travelers to your printed guides, and then how to best use those guides to lead them to your digital space. Examples are illustrated clearly with Discover Schenectady's new travel guide. Full Recap

#7: Building Budget & Community Support for Tourism: Being a "Destination Evangelist"

Josiah Brown from New York's Best Experiences highlights the findings from once-in-a-decade research (which proves that tourism promotion is economic development) and demonstrates how you can use this data to advocate for your tourism budget and build community support. Destination Organizations, hospitality leaders, community leaders, policymakers, local and regional businesses, and residents of your community should be aware of these important findings. Full Recap

#8: Navigating the 2024 Media Landscape: Collaborative Marketing Strategies for Destinations and Attractions

Seth Orozco from Sojern shared findings from the first-of-its-kind State of Destination Marketing 2024 report which illustrates the state of the media landscape and how you can take advantage of some of the opportunities for 2024. The report is based on a survey of 300+ global destination marketers, and divided into Strategy & Performance, Media Landscape, Data & Insights and Emerging trends. Full Recap

#9: Moneyball: Rethinking Your Social Media Game to Score Consistent Wins

Have you ever wondered how you can predict social media outcomes? Chris Parsons from Workshop shared how you can better understand your social media performance first to continuously improve content and more accurate forecasting. Benefit from a clear and actionable ruler to rapidly judge the effectiveness of specific content in your social media mix. Full Recap

#10: Updates for 2024: Upgrades, On the Canals Programs, & More!

Bill Sweitzer and Shane Mahar from New York State Canal Corporation provide 'On the Canals' updates and a look ahead to the upcoming season in this informative webinar! Hear information on Canal Corporation's Bicentennial Forums in partnership with SUNY and the NYS Department of State, as well as what's up for the 2024 Canal Season and Erie Canal 2025 Bicentennial. Find out how you can get involved! Full Recap

#11: Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Bren Jobe from Corporate Communications provides a dynamic overview on accessing and choosing the right technology solutions based on your target audience's needs and behavior. Learn how to build smart workflows that support and enhance the customer journal, all while defining goals to help nurture leads and boost engagement. Full Recap

#12: VEAR Into the Future: Using Augmented Reality in Your Destination to Increase Engagement

Jake Buganski, VP of Client Engagement at Fourth Idea discusses the emergence of augmented reality as an "idea whose time has come" for destinations. A history of the technology and its capabilities are presented, as well as examples of practical applications and implementation strategies for DMOs. Learn how augmented reality can bring value to destinations in ways only a DMO can provide! Full Recap

#13: Digital Discoveries: Lessons Learned from the Tenement Museum

Kayla Lloyd, Senior Marketing Manager at BBG&G Integrated Marketing discussed how in 2023, the Tenement Museum partnered with BBG&G to successfully market and promote the museum’s reopening. BBG&G developed and executed a digital advertising campaign that focused on bringing awareness to the reopening, highlighting available tours, exhibits, and programs, and promoting the museum's 35th anniversary. Since the campaign's inception, Tenement Museum has seen significant growth in its online presence and continues to work with BBG&G to expand upon that growth. Full Recap

#14: DEI in Tourism Marketing

Cassandra Razzi, Senior Digital Sales Manager at Orange 142 shared valuable insights on understanding DEI, why it matters, and how you can implement DEI in your tourism marketing. Cassandra provides actual data and actionable steps to use for all levels of budgets to be inclusive in marketing. Multiple case studies and examples are presented for a thorough explanation on how you can embrace diversity of all kinds today! Full Recap

#15: Generative AI: Your New Favorite Intern

Matt Rocha, Account Executive of Travel & Tourism at Aki Technologies, lead a hands-on workshop to help you master practical applications of generative AI, transforming how you engage with tourism marketing and your own personal workflow. In this interactive webinar, learn by doing as you follow alone with live demonstrations to immediately implement AI tools that enhance customer experience and streamline daily tasks. Full Recap

#16: Generating ROI with International Students/Workers

In this workforce development webinar presented by Chad Hendricks, President of Experienced Associates LLC, and Scott Swagler, General Manager of the DoubleTree Niagara Falls USA, learn all about the J-1 program and how it can help your organization! Take a look at the impact of foreign exchange students in New York State (a +5 billion dollar market) and the vast return on investment of using the program for your organization and to the economy. Full Recap