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Lead Generation Program - the 'NYS 24/7/365 Virtual Consumer Travel Show' on

NYSTIA 2024 Co-Op Program - Starts at $900!

Sign up by September 31, 2024 to lock in these special rates.

Join 25+ NYSTIA Destinations And Increase Visitors, Revenue & Economic Impact via Traveler Engagement & Lead Generation

NYSTIA Preferred Rates and Value Ads

Participate for as low as $300 per month

  • Lead Generation Program with the 'NYS 27/7/365 Virtual Consumer Travel Show' on
  • Always Open Travel Show: Digital program providing the opportunity to reach active travelers interested in visiting your destination through Travel Guide (print and/or digital) distribution.
  • Build Your Marketing Lists: Receive weekly lead reports with 100% validated contact information and opt-in confirmation.
  • Program With ROI: This program delivers an ROI of approximately 29x your investment with 71.5% of our travelers (leads) already visited or planned to visit within 90 days of requesting a guide.

-NYSTIA members save up to 73% off the program

The sign-up and campaign launch for the special rate program continues through September 31, 2024

  • Lock in low $1.50 per lead rate and added value benefits for a 3 to 12-month 2024 period from 200 to 2,000 leads per month.
New York State Guides and NYS Virtual Travel Show Page

Campaign Packages/Added Value

Option 1: 3-Month NYSTIA Rate: $900

Option 2: 6-Month NYSTIA Rate: $2,700

Option 3: 12-Month NYSTIA Rate: $3,600

  • 2,400 Traveler leads (200 per month average)
  • Dedicated Travel Guide Page for your destination, inclusion in NYSTIA NYS Virtual Travel Show Page on + weekly lead report with validated contact data, demographics, and opt-in emails
  • Destination Microsite with click out button to your website
  • Inclusion in 2 NYS E-Newsletter to 135,000 opt-in travel subscribers
  • Inclusion in 1 NYS-themed blog

Option 4: 12-Month NYSTIA Rate: $5,400

  • 3,600 Traveler leads (300 per month average)
  • Dedicated Travel Guide Page for your destination, inclusion on NYSTIA Travel Show on + weekly lead report
  • Destination Microsite with click out button to your website
  • Inclusion in 2 NYS E-Newsletter to 135,000 opt-in travel subscribers as Featured Guide
  • Inclusion in 2 eNewsletters as Featured Inclusion in NYS/ themed blog

See below for complete program details. Please call me to discuss your custom NYSTIA lead package - Madelyn Roberts M: 516.662.9555

Let's drive New York State Tourism Together!

New York State 'Virtual Travel Show' for NYSTIA Members

Member Feedback:

"Working with the team executing the Travel Guide Program was a wonderful experience. Directions were easy to understand, questions were answered quickly and the best part, we already received quality leads and feedback. This program just goes to show how well NYSTIA and their partners adapt to the changing marketing and tourism landscape. If this was an online rating of the program I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars!"

- Kristy Kennedy, Director, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau

Program Basics:

  • NYSTIA Travel Guide pages provide travelers with NYSTIA member content, images, and insights to inspire travel planning and drive visitation.
  • Travelers request digital and/or print guides of interest and click out to participant tourism websites for more information through Destination Microsites.
  • Destinations receive validated active traveler leads, lead reports, and opt-in requests to build email lists, generate website traffic and content opportunities.

Participants in the 'NYS Virtual Consumer Travel Show' Receive:

  • Preferred special rates and added-value options
  • Inclusion in NYS Virtual Travel Show Page on
  • Travel Guide page on*: Dedicated Travel Guide Page for your destination including guide cover image, 4 additional images, 240 words of copy, map, and call to action to order your guide (see below).
  • Leads/Guide Requests: Volumes of validated traveler lead requests interested in visiting your destination based on the lead level selected.
  • Weekly Lead Report: Weekly lead report including date and time stamp of request, full name, validated email and mailing address, guide format (digital and/or print) requested, optional demographic information including activities of interest, and opt-in to build your email list.
  • Destination Microsite Pages on Dedicated pages for your destination in our “Destination" section organized by State, County, and City/town. Pages and content (images and copy) include the following pages/sections: Main summary, Visit/About, All Guides, and Counties/Cities.
  • Tourism Button with Click Out: Located on each of your Destination Microsite Pages driving travelers to seek even more.

Partner Page Examples on

Travel Guide Page - Destination

New York State Destination Main Page

Destination Microsite Visit Page

NYSTIA Preferred Rates & Added Value Summary

NYSTIA Members receive the low cost per lead rates and added value programs ranging from a minimum of $3,000 for 3 months to $23,100 for the 12-month program.

Benefits: Why do we deliver one of the best values and ROI in the industry?

  • 24/7/365 Virtual Travel Show
  • Reach new active travelers you are not reaching when they are planning
  • 90% of our audience is new every month
  • No risk, performance-based campaigns. Only pay for leads delivered
  • Each traveler is qualified: travelers self-select to visit, (no incentives or contests); request your destination guide (printed or download), and fill out a complete registration, including demographic questions
  • 100% validated: Every email and mailing address is validated by a 3rd party
  • Consistent stream of active traveler leads: Once set up, you sit back and receive the weekly report
  • Build your opt-in email list
  • 71.5% of travelers have already visited or made plans to visit within 90 days of requesting a guide
  • 29X ROI: average based on 19.6% of traveler leads that visit within 90 days of requesting a guide!

The 'NYS 24/7/365 Virtual Consumer Travel Show' is Live and Available Now on - the number of participants varies based on monthly program participation


Madelyn Roberts
V.P. Advertising Director/Consultant

The Travel Guide Group
M: 516.662.9555

* The Travel Guide Group (TTGG) is the leading performance based platform and marketing partner to tourism boards, CVB's, and DMO's. Since 2006, the TTGG sites such as have been a central resource for leisure travelers to find and request the best digital and print travel guides from over 100 US destinations at any given time. This has enabled TTGG to deliver over 10 million guide requests and qualified leads for our partners. We work exclusively with the travel industry. The Travel Guide Group also hosts additional tourism marketing opportunities including: Destination Microsites, email marketing, co-op programs, website ads, travel blogs and custom content.