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RECAP: Generative AI: Your New Favorite Intern

May 13, 2024

NYSTIA Lunch & Learn Webinar #15 Recap:

During last week's Lunch and Learn Webinar Matt Rocha from Aki Technologies presented his topic: Generative AI: Your New Favorite Intern.

Some insights from the webinar:

  • Know Before You Go
    • You interact with traditional AI daily 
      • Everything from Siri to Netflix recommendations
    • AI is not a search engine
    • Not all AI tools know the same thing
  • AI Playground: Mastering the Rules for Safe Fun
    • Sensitive information
    • Bias
    • Fact Check
    • Copyright
    • Supervise
    • Stick to what you know
  • AI will be your new favorite Intern
    • Team Appreciation
      • "Generate ides for show appreciation to colleagues and team members"
    • Summaries
      • "Provide a summary of this article about (topic), highlighting the key points in 3-5 sentences."
    • Proofreading
      • "First, review & grade each section of this email. Then suggest any improvements."
    • Gifts
      • "Help me create a list of gifts for my boss. She likes the NY Jets, Sushi, pottery and crossword puzzles"
  • KISS: Keep it Simple Smarty-pants
    • Example Commands:
      • Remove all commas from the list
      • Calculate the percentage change from 50-75
      • Remove Duplicates from the list
      • Give me emojis to represent a beach day
      • Generate a random number between 1-100
      • Alphabetize this list
  • Don't Overwork the New Assistant
    • AI is better at "tasks" than "jobs"
    • Start with "write a thesis statement" before you ask for an entire essay
      • Then add in layers
        • Ex. Generate a creative description for our new attraction, __, that would capture the interest of Empty Nesters. 
      • Give your intern some directions (Context)
        • Go into detail
      • Control the output and tone
        • examples:
          • Keep the response under 300 words
          • Craft a heartfelt message...
          • Design a timeline for promoting our upcoming...
      • Teach the AI to be like you
        • Give is examples of your writing style, tone, and preferences
  • AI can teach you how to AI
    • Try something new everyday on AI
    • Practice, Iterate and share
      • Ex. "I like your 3rd suggestion. Could you create 5 more like that?" 
    • Lean on others for AI tech
      • GuideGeek
      • Grammerly
      • Intentful Happy Places


We would like to give our sincere thanks to Matt Rocha for providing his time and valuable insights on Generative AI: Your New Favorite Intern. You can learn more about Aki Technologies by visiting their website.

The recording and slide deck can be found below.