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Ripe: Grow Bookings, Harvest Value

Ripe: Grow Bookings, Harvest Value
Elevate your destination marketing strategy with Ripe's white-label booking solution, tailored to drive your success. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to empower you to better service travelers, drive cost-free bookings to lodging partners, and gather valuable first-party opt-in data and insights along the way.

Best-in-class Features & Connectivity
With Ripe, you’ll get a custom-designed engine highlighting your destination’s unique features. You also gain access to industry-trusted lodging partners to ensure two-way rates, real-time inventory availability, and accurate reservation delivery.

Affiliate Landing and Booking Pages
Create affiliate booking opportunities to support and grow festivals, sporting events, and groups. Ripe allows you to create affiliate landing and booking pages to promote your partners and service your travelers.

Data and Insights
For the first time, get exact analytics inclusive of booking trends, room revenue, reservation metrics, conversion rates, and more. Plus, remarket to your travelers with first-party opt-in data. Our team of experts is dedicated to your success, offering personalized support in achieving your goals. Contact us today to explore how Ripe can help you harvest the full value of your marketing efforts.

For more details visit our site or reach out to:

Abigail Pippen

Sales Account Executive

(859) 621-8151