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RECAP: Building Budget & Community Support For Tourism: Being the "Destination Evangelist"

Mar 8, 2024

During last week's Lunch & Learn Webinar, Josiah Brown from New York's Best Experiences presented his topic: Building Budget & Community Support For Tourism: Being the "Destination Evangelist".

Some insights from the webinar:

  • The importance of the tourism industry:
    • Pride of place, employment, youth employment and training, small business success, beautification funds, tax relief, and community stability
  • Destinations International research findings: Destination Promotion: A catalyst for Community Vitality 
    • Once-in-a-decade research (Full research and 10 Destination case studies)
    • Firmly answered that destination promotion is economic development
    • This report can be broken down into 7 parts:
      • P1: Direct Impact of Destination Promotion, P2: Impact on Connected Industries, P3: Benefits of Culture & Quality of Life, P4: Benefits of the Destination Brand, P5: Impact on Workforce, P6: Benefits on Government & Community Services, P7: Impacts on Economic Development
  • Who is this report for? 
    • Destination Organizations, your hospitality leaders, your community leaders and policy makers, your local and regional businesses, and residents of your community
  • What was found? 
    • Broad Economic Benefits, Economic Development, Enhanced Quality of Life, Employment Growth, Cultural & Community Contributions, Increased Budgets Yielded Increased Returns, Support for Gov't Services

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Josiah Brown for providing his time and valuable insights on the Destination International research and becoming Destination Promotion Industry 'Evangelists'. 

You can watch the video recording below, and view his slide deck here