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RECAP: DEI in Tourism Marketing - NYSTIA Lunch & Learn Webinar

May 6, 2024

NYSTIA Lunch & Learn Webinar #14 Recap:

During last week's Lunch and Learn Webinar Cassandra Razzi from Orange 142 presented her topic: DEI in Tourism Marketing. 

Some insights from the webinar:

  • Who is Orange 142?
    • Black owned and operated
    • Travel focused
    • Media ad tech platform
    • They help DMO's with Multicultural Marketing
  • Understanding DEI
    • Diversity: Having a range of people with
      different backgrounds, experiences,
      and perspectives.
    • Equity: Ensuring fair treatment, equality of
      opportunity, and fairness in access
      to information and resources for all.
    • Inclusion: Creating a culture that embraces,
      respects, and values differences.
    • Key Principle is Representation: Actively seeking diversity in visitors through marketing.
  • Dimensions of Diversity
    • Ethnicity and race
    • Gender identity and expression
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Socioeconomic status
    • Cultural background
    • Veteran status
    • Neurodiversity
    • Sexual orientation
      • New York State has a significant LGBTQ+ population. According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, an estimated 4.1% of adults in New York identify as LGBTQ+.
    • Ability and disability
      • Around 20% of adults in New York State have a disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This includes physical disabilities, mental health conditions, and other impairments.
  • Diversity in the US
    • Growing Hispanic population
    • Increasing Asian population
    • Aging baby boomers
  • Why DEI matters
    • Impact on Brand Perception
      • 71% of consumers surveyed by Edelman (2020) stated that they are more likely to trust a brand that showcases diversity in its advertising.
    • Social Media Response:
      • 45% of consumers in a Kantar study said they would share an ad on social media if it featured diverse representation.
    • Impact of Representation:
      • When audiences see themselves authentically represented in advertising, they are more likely to connect emotionally with the brand and feel a sense of belonging. This emotional connection leads to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.
  •  Market Growth and Expansion
    • Diverse audiences represent significant market segments with purchasing power.
    • According to Nielsen, multicultural consumers in the United States have a buying power of over $4 trillion annually. Marketing to these demographics can help businesses tap into new revenue streams and expand their market share.
  • Key to Inclusive Marketing: Know Your Audience
    • Segment your audience
    • Research your target audience 
    • Feature diverse voices + faces
    • Avoid stereotypes
    • Use inclusive language 
    • Highlight accessibility
    • Celebrate culture
    • Listen to feedback
  • Easy ways to be inclusive in your advertising
    • Diverse faces and voices
    • Accessible hotel rooms
    • Multilingual brochures
    • Leverage multicultural/diverse micro influencers
    • Activate diverse audiences with organic social media
    • Welcoming and inviting diverse groups
  • Visit Tucson Case Study
    • They successfully targeted a Spanish speaking
      audience using data selected digital advertising
    • The objective was to increase visitation to the "Vamos a Tucson" website and genuinely connect with key Hispanic audiences.
    • Through authentic messaging, resonating creative, and insights-supported ad channels, they drove measurable results that exceeded Visit Tucson’s expectations.
  • Key Takeaways
    • Embrace diversity of all kinds
    • Involve members of your target audience in the planning process
    • Be sensitive to cultural differences
    • Be authentic
    • Test your advertising before you launch it
    • Evaluate your results

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Cassandra Razzi for providing her time and valuable insights on DEI in Tourism Marketing. You can learn more about Orange 142 by visiting their website.  

You can view the recording and presentation slide deck below.