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Making The Case: Tourism Advocacy Talking Points

Tourism Advocacy & You

Let your voice be heard, YOU can make a difference! Make tourism advocacy a part of your daily mission. Whether you are meeting with local residents, businesses, civic, corporate or elected leadership, you can be the missionary be 'preaching the gospel' of tourism and rallying support for the cause.

Tourism is Not the Goal... It is the Means to an End

Tourism growth drives economic growth! Tourism growth drives job creation, small business success, community revitalization, increased local and state tax revenues, all resulting in improved standard of living, quality of life and pride of place for New York State communities and residents. The multitude of ways tourism growth benefits our state, our local communities, businesses and residents is a great and largely untold story. Don't ask for support for tourism, make your case by asking for support for the desirable outcomes that tourism growth can deliver for your destination communities!

Tourism is a New York State Success Story

Tourism is BIG BUSINESS! Tourism has grown to be New York's third largest private sector industry, supporting 959,900 jobs in 2019 and generating BILLION$ in direct sales ($73.6 billion), economic impact ($117.6 billion) and New York state and local tax revenues ($9.1 billion, or the equivalent of $1,248 per New York State household).

The Tourism Budget is an Investment that Generates Financial Returns

Don't just ask for support... present your case! Our greatest asset in tourism advocacy is our ability to provide a strong, reasoned and logical case that state and local investments in tourism generate real financial returns for New York State and its residents:

  • Increased tax revenues for government at the state and local level, reducing the burden on local residents.
  • Job and payroll growth for NYS residents, support for local businesses and communities.
  • Public and private sector Infrastructure improvements that improve quality of life and pride of place.

Quotes: September of 2019

Empire State Development Chairman Howard Zemsky said, "Our strategic investments in tourism attractions, promotion and infrastructure are paying dividends by welcoming more visitors than ever to New York State, and generating economic growth that supports jobs and communities across the state."

New York State Executive Director of Tourism Ross D. Levi said, "New York State's significant investments in tourism coupled with the efforts of tourism partners all across the state make for an unstoppable combination. These historic numbers are evidence that our strategic efforts are succeeding like never before in positioning New York State as the ultimate vacation destination for visitors from around the world."

Tourism Facts at a Glance

Tourism brought a record-high 265 million visitors to New York State in 2019 and they had a major economic impact.

  • Direct spending by tourists: All-time-high $73.6 billion;
  • State & local tax revenues from tourism: $9.1 billion - also a new record;
  • Total Economic impact: $117.6 billion;
  • Job Creation: 959,900 jobs were sustained by tourism in 2019.
    • NYS tourism sustained employment grew by an average of 25,000 jobs annually from 2010 to 2019.

*Credit Empire State Development,

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