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RECAP: The Value of Earned Media

Feb 12, 2024

NYSTIA Lunch & Learn Webinar #3

During last week's Lunch & Learn Webinar, Colleen Onuffer and Colleen Senglaub from Break the Ice Media presented their topic: The Value of Earned Media. Earned media is one of the many aspects of tourism marketing efforts, with huge dividends: earned media helps build authenticity and develops trust with audiences. 

More specific insights from the webinar: 

  • What is earned media and why is it valuable?:
    • Earned media is any material posted about your brand or organization that you haven't paid for or created yourself. Although you cannot control the message, the payoff can be huge.
    • 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media above all other forms of advertising
  • Case Study: NYSTIA Canadia PR Co-Op:
    • The team built a relationship with Canadian media writers to showcase NYS destinations. 11 FAM tours were organized for Canadian writers, bloggers, and influencers who wrote about their experiences across multiple publications!
  • 2024 Outdoor Travel Trends:
    • Transcendent travel, forage tourism, shoulder-season travel, analog travel and more are projected to be huge trends for this year's travel season!
  • 2024 Outdoor Co-Op Program
    • The program will promote world-class cities across NYS and the best of America's great outdoors. The program will target media, influencers, and publications located in drive and feeder markets. Learn more about the program here.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Colleen Onuffer and Colleen Senglaub for providing their time and valuable insights on the value of earned media. You can learn more about Break the Ice Media and their programs by visiting their website.

You can watch the video recording below and download their presentation here.

Presentation Slides: