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WEBINAR: Recovery Requires More Than Marketing sponsored by Miles Partnership

Apr 21, 2021

- April 28, 2021 at 1 pm ET -

With the recovery from COVID-19 gaining momentum, marketing to drive demand is only half of the equation for bringing visitors back to our markets. The destinations that recover fastest are going to be the ones that can inspire consumer confidence to push interest into action. Miles Partnership has supported hundreds of DMOs to look beyond their own channels to the power and reach of major platforms from Google to Facebook, Apple to TripAdvisor. CA Clark and Kim Palmer will first summarize three strategies your DMO can take to create the critical holistic balance between marketing and optimization to prepare your destination and support the recovery of local businesses. We'll talk with a destination leader about their experience of leveraging these platforms to support their community – the tips, lessons, and suggestions from the 'front line' of destination marketing during this crisis.

CA Clark, VP of Technology and Kim Palmer, Destination Optimization Program Director are two of the industry's most experienced and well-known authorities on the trends and challenges facing DMOs, as well as the ever-changing opportunities across platforms such as Google in the travel industry. CA and Kim lead the development of the Destination Optimization Program and each brings decades of experience working around the world with destinations and their tourism and hospitality partners.

CA Clark, VP of Technology, Miles Partnership
Kim Palmer
, Destination Optimization Program Director Miles Partnership
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