ROAM THE EMPIRE Weekly Update Jul 16, 2021

- We're going wild for New York State! On Wednesday, we launched our first…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: New York’s COVID & Vaccination Progress Jul 15, 2021

- New York State continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as more…  read more →

New York Applauds NOAA’s Proposed National Marine Sanctuary On Lake Ontario Jul 14, 2021

- “Underwater National Park" to Highlight New York's Rich Maritime History on…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Downscaling Mass Vaccination Sites Jul 13, 2021

New Yorkers are continuing to fight COVID-19 throughout the state, and getting…  read more →

ROAM THE EMPIRE Weekly Update Jul 9, 2021

- There's never been a better time to participate in the Roam The Empire…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: 70% of All Eligible New Yorkers Have At Least One Vaccine Dose -- Outdoor Dining Extended Jul 8, 2021

- We have come a long way since we began vaccinating New Yorkers late last year…  read more →

​Transformational Tourism: Destination Management Strategy For The Future Jul 8, 2021

The horizon for destination strategy and planning is expanding and we need to…  read more →

ROAM THE EMPIRE Campaign Growing Geometrically - Thanks To Member Engagement! Jul 8, 2021

"Post impressions for our ROAM THE EMPIRE Facebook page increase tenfold from…  read more →

Member Introduction: Brad Chaffee from Hartford Courant Media Group Jul 6, 2021

- Brad Chaffee is the New Business Development Manager for the Hartford Courant…  read more →

ROAM THE EMPIRE Weekly Update Jul 2, 2021

- Our state is much more than what can be found online. You have to breathe in…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Vaccines Effective at Preventing Delta Variant Jun 28, 2021

- Our state has come a long way in beating back this virus, but our work…  read more →

ROAM THE EMPIRE Weekly Update Jun 25, 2021

- UGC is Spreading the Word!User-generated content is picking up as more New…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 State of Emergency Ended Jun 24, 2021

- Today we close out the emergency chapter in the pandemic—effective today,…  read more →

New York Ending COVID-19 State Disaster Emergency Jun 24, 2021

- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that New York will end the state…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Fourth of July Fireworks -- Hospitalizations Continue to Decline Jun 21, 2021

- From the highest positivity rate on the globe, to one of the lowest positivity…  read more →

ROAM THE EMPIRE Weekly Update Jun 18, 2021

- Our state has made tremendous strides in the fight against the Coronavirus…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Lifting Most COVID Restrictions Jun 17, 2021

- On Tuesday, after 472 days, New York hit a vaccination milestone—70 percent…  read more →

Advance Media Boot Camp

Advance Media NY: “Make Some Noise: Break Through the Marketing Clutter with Video” Jun 16, 2021

- Thursday, June 17th @ Noon - Video is an essential piece of the marketing…  read more →

Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Returns with Five August and September Concerts Jun 15, 2021

The Cooperstown Summer Music Festival returns for its 23rd season with five…  read more →

COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted as 70% of Adult New Yorkers Have Received First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Jun 15, 2021

- State's COVID-19 Restrictions and New York Forward Industry Guidance Lifted…  read more →