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- Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 12:00 PM - Understanding and Accessing COVID-19…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Welcome, 2021 Dec 31, 2020

- There will certainly be new challenges in 2021 and New York will meet them…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Agreement Reached with Buffalo Bills on Home Playoff Game Attendance Dec 30, 2020

- As the year draws to a close, the vaccination distribution program continues…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Eviction Moratorium Extended to May Dec 29, 2020

- Last night, I signed the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Update: 140,000 New Yorkers Have Received First Vaccine Dose -- Combatting Vaccine Fraud Dec 28, 2020

- As we continue to distribute the vaccine throughout New York, we've come…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Update: 89,000 New Yorkers Vaccinated To Date -- Happy Holidays Dec 23, 2020

- We're in a footrace between the vaccination program and the growing spread of…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Wadsworth Lab Is Researching U.K. Virus Variant -- 50,000 Vaccine Doses Have Been Administered Dec 22, 2020

- With Christmas and Kwanzaa coming up this week, followed by New Year's Eve, we…  read more →

Looking Beyond the Holidays... Start The New Year Strategically, Thoughtfully Dec 21, 2020

- It's no secret that we are facing very difficult days, perhaps the most…  read more →

Together We Did It: Relief Bill Includes Major U.S. Travel Priorities Dec 20, 2020

- I am incredibly pleased that through tremendously hard work and our collective…  read more →

NYers4NY: Grassroots COVID-19 Relief Initiative Dec 18, 2020

BACKGROUND: COVID-19 has devastated tourism more than any other New York State…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Dept. of Health Issues Guidance on "Extra" Vaccine Doses -- Total Hospitalizations Decrease Dec 18, 2020

- New Yorkers can see the COVID numbers and understand the risks. Destiny is in…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Open Enrollment Extended for Health Plans -- Finger Lakes Region Still a Concern Dec 17, 2020

- On this snowy day, I have a simple message that we can all agree with. We want…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Vaccinate NY Website -- Regional Vaccination Hubs Dec 16, 2020

- As we see hospitalizations climb, remember that what we do collectively…  read more →

U.S. Travel Weekly COVID Update Dec 16, 2020

- Tuesday, Dec. 15 9:30 PMMajority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Schumer,…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Total COVID Hospitalizations Near 6,000 Dec 15, 2020

- Everything we have done from the start of this pandemic has been based on the…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: New York Nurse Becomes First in U.S. To Be Vaccinated Dec 14, 2020

- Today, history was made when Sandra Lindsay, a frontline ICU nurse and New…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: NY Vaccine Task Force Approval -- Updated Micro Cluster Metrics -- Indoor Dining in NYC Is Closed Dec 11, 2020

- Last night, New York's independent COVID-19 Clinical Advisory Task Force…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Fighting for an Equitable Vaccine Distribution -- FDA Vaccine Panel Vote Dec 10, 2020

- As we continue to see the number of COVID-19 cases surge across the nation, it…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Vaccine Distribution Will Begin Soon Dec 9, 2020

- The FDA is expected to authorize Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine as soon as tomorrow…  read more →