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Take A Moment To Shine A Light On Your Organizations, Friends And Colleagues

Mar 10, 2021

- Each year the Tourism Excellence Awards has been a way for New York State's tourism industry to come together and recognize those in the industry that have accomplished something significant. Navigating through 2020 has been an accomplishment in itself and that makes this year's award even more special. As committee members on the NYSTIA Tourism Excellence Awards we want you to know how important it is to nominate others and take a moment to shine a light on our companies, friends, and colleagues for their perseverance, creativity, innovation and just sheer stamina in keeping it all together.

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As a nominator, you are given the chance to submit the person, project, and/or program that you feel deserves recognition for Tourism Excellence - and that includes yourself! Your nomination can only be submitted once per category, but you are permitted to enter a person, project, and/or program into multiple nomination categories, if applicable.

Tourism has always been described as a resilient industry and that comes from the resilient people within. Join us to highlight those that showcased brilliant efforts! We encourage you all to submit a nomination to honor our inspiring tourism leaders, campaigns and programs! We cannot wait to read and hear the stories, innovation, and obstacles that were overcome by the members of our NY tourism family. As a recipient of a 2019 award I can tell you there is no better feeling! Let's initiate some accolades and turn 2021 into a positive feel-good experience with something to be proud about for our New York State tourism industry.

Start Your Nomination(s) Today - Helpful Links: Awards Overview * Awards FAQs * Awards Categories

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