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Schoharie County Tourism Promotion Agency Launches Digital Concierge

Mar 5, 2021

- Schoharie County Tourism Promotion Agency Launches Digital Concierge -

(Schoharie) –Destination Marketing Corporation (DMC), the contracted Tourism Promotion Agent for Schoharie County announces the 2021 Digital Concierge. This interactive flipbook will serve as the County's travel guide. Due to funding constraints caused by COVID-19, the Tourism Marketing Committee opted to produce a digital guide for 2021. Approximately $20,000 of funding that would have otherwise been spent on printing and distributing a physical travel guide has been redirected to digital advertising.

Schoharie Digital Concierge Cover_SMALL.jpg

The promotional piece was designed by Trampoline Advertising & Design Co. of Glens Falls, NY. All the artistic elements of the guide such as the collectible cover art, the illustrative County map and the “Schoharie County By the Numbers" infographic were generated by the design team themselves. “The Trampoline team was a delight to work with. They're local, innovative and after just a couple meetings and visits, understood exactly what Schoharie County has to offer, then depicted it for us. This new digital concierge elevates our brand and really shows the potential visitor why Schoharie County is a great vacation destination," says DMC executive director, Cassandra Harrington.

DMC has enrolled in a lead generation program that offers the Digital Concierge to travelers worldwide in exchange for their contact information, which will be used for future e-mail marketing campaigns. It is also a goal that local accommodations will include a link to the guide in their reservation confirmation e-mails with the hope that visitors explore more and spend more money while in Schoharie County.

According to the recently released Economic Impact of Visitors in New York 2019 report from Tourism Economics, tourism generated $66.2 million in direct sales (up 5.5% over 2018), supported 1,141 jobs and contributed $4.2 million to the local tax base. Were it not for tourism-generated state and local taxes, the average household in the region would have to pay an additional $631 to maintain the same level of government revenue.

The Digital Concierge will be promoted on social media as well as collectible postcards mailed directly to the 2,000 people who requested a printed brochure in 2020. The postcards will also be distributed by DMC to local businesses. To view the Digital Concierge, visit

About Destination Marketing Corporation

The Destination Marketing Corporation's mission is to actively promote and market Schoharie County for the purpose of encouraging overnight visitation thus contributing to the economic impact of tourism in our communities through the generation of occupancy tax revenues.