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Jul 9, 2021


- There's never been a better time to participate in the Roam The Empire campaign than now. In the past week alone, we've reached record numbers for RTE socials.

On Facebook, page impressions have increased tenfold from mid-May to Mid-June, and have experienced another 300% surge from Mid-June until July 4. Engagement is in triple digit percentages on Facebook and Instagram, and tweet impressions are at an all-time high.
We'd like to give a big thank you to our partners who have been participating in the campaign from the start. We wouldn't have been able to achieve these goals without your continuous engagement and support. After all, the unique experiences your destination has to offer are all the more reason for New Yorkers to Roam The Empire!


Roam Chautauqua with NYSTIA:

Have you already registered for the 2021 NYSTIA Annual Meeting and Tourism Excellence Awards? In addition to coming together again, sharing stories and setting tourism goals for 2022, the Annual Meeting provides us another reason to Roam The Empire—by discovering all that Chautauqua County has to offer with the daily itinerary!
Activities include a morning boat tour on Chautauqua Lake, world-class entertainment at the National Comedy Center, grabbing a cold one at Southern Tier Brewery, and more.
Register for the meeting before August 1 for a $50 discount! And book your room at the beautiful Chautauqua Harbor Hotel with your discounted NYSTIA rate.


Roaming with ROVA:
ROVA travel lifestyle magazine is featuring NYSTIA members' craft brew destinations and Roam The Empire in their August/September issue. We can't wait to get our hands on this three-page spread!


Roaming Ahead


Next week we're kicking off the first #WildWednesday and #FoodieFriday of the campaign. We can't wait to see your destination's favorite water activities and unique dishes floating around on social media. We'll be picking our favorite submissions to post as a carousel, complete with copy to highlight each destination.


Do you want to make sure your destination is featured? Shoot us an email in advance with your topics so we don't miss it.
Every tagged post is crucial to the campaign's success, so let's get NYS nature spots and good eats trending!


Tell us what to tell New Yorkers:
We'd like to thank all our partners who took the time to take our partner survey. Your answers have given us valuable insight into how we can create the most relevant and interesting social media posts for your destination marketing goals. The survey is still up and running, so be sure to let us know what to tell New Yorkers about your destination!


Summer Events Submissions:
Our summer events survey will remain live throughout the season, so you can keep adding events as they come.
If you have submitted multiple events for one destination, please note that we will not be able to post about each event due to the high number of submissions. As always, we'll do our best to get them all online!




Weekly Post Highlight:


No matter how long or short , travelling is an amazing way to create long-lasting memories. We love how Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance brought together this sentimental message with the Roam The Empire campaign. With weeks of summer still ahead of us, there's still plenty of time for New Yorkers to plan their vacations in the NYS and make holiday memories they'll treasure for years to come!



Roam the Empire has come a long way since the start of the summer. The campaign's quick growth in such a short amount of time is testament to the hard work of our NYSTIA partners, the creative team at Mower, and all the proud New Yorkers spreading the word.
Thank you to all—let's keep the momentum growing!


Keep roaming,

- Alana and Rachele


Alana Gonzales: Alana is a Digital Content Specialist on Mower Agency's content team helping to run the Roam The Empire Instagram account. She works and lives in Syracuse, New York and has planned quite a few Empire staycations for the summer from boating on Cayuga and Skaneateles Lakes to visiting friends who've recently made Manhattan home. Feel free to send Alana an email at if you have any inquiries or comments as it pertains to the Roam The Empire Instagram account or for collaborations that you have in mind.
Rachele Markele 3.jpgRachele Markle: Rachele is the Communications Coordinator for NYSTIA. She was born and raised in Oneida, New York but her love for tourism and career pursuit have led her abroad. Rachel has managed the communications and social media for nonprofit organizations in the Netherlands and a virtual festival in London, and recently completed a masters in Tourism Destination Management in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rachele is currently residing in Berlin, Germany, and hopes to return to New York State to pursue her tourism career. You can contact Rachele anytime at to collaborate on RTE content, ask questions, or just say hi!