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Jul 2, 2021


- Our state is much more than what can be found online. You have to breathe in the fresh mountain air, meet the friendly people, and taste our cuisine to truly experience what NY has to offer.

New Yorkers know that their state is special, and we want them to know what makes your destination special, too. That's why we've created a special partner survey filled with questions that can't be answered by visiting your website:
What are locals most proud of when tourists visit your destination?
Is there anything often overlooked within your destination that you believe needs more promotion?

Your answers will help us craft compelling posts that are as harmonious with your marketing goals as they are inspirational to New Yorkers statewide. Take our Partner Survey Now!


Independence Day Run for Hospice:
Fourth of July Weekend if right around the corner, and we can't wait to see photos of New Yorkers celebrating with friends and families across our state. But sadly, not all New Yorkers are able to take part in these celebrations because of health issues.
The 16th Annual Run/Walk for Hospice in Fair Haven will be held virtually this weekend, meaning New Yorkers everywhere can celebrate our nation's independence while supporting Hospice patients and families unable to take part in the festivities. Learn more about the event and share it with your followers.


Roaming Ahead:



Let's get trending! Starting next week, we're launching #WildWednesday and #FoodieFriday every week to put a spotlight on the nature spots and delicious eats that make our state so special. You can participate by adding the hashtags to your posts.
Check out the themes for this month:
14/07 — Water Fun
21/07 — Picnic Places

28/07 — Best Beaches


16/07 — Destination Dishes

23/07 — Breweries

30/07 — Ice Cream


Do you have WW/FF recommendations for August? Take our NEW partner survey and let us know. And don't forget to hashtag #RoamTheEmpire!


Share your Summer Events:
We're absolutely thrilled with the amount of responses we received from our summer events survey, and are looking forward to posting about them on our social channels. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to fill it out!
Due to the high number of responses, please keep in mind that posting might take a few days.
Forgot to let us know of your destination's upcoming events? Don't worry—we're not going anywhere! Share your summer events with us, or send us an email.


Weekly Post Highlight:
Did you catch travel blogger Cory Lee from Curb Free with Cory Lee Roaming the Empire? His trip to the Adirondacks last weekend documents just how wheelchair accessible our wild mountains can be. From boating on Lake Placid, hiking through the forest and even lean-to camping, Cory showed everyone that our state is as inclusive as it is beautiful.
Thank you, Cory, for stopping by to #RoamTheEmpire!




Another successful month of NYS travel has come and gone, and we're excited for another month of summertime events and travels through our state. Thank you again for your support and participation in the cause—we can't wait to see what July brings!


Keep roaming,

- Alana and Rachele



Alana Gonzales 3.jpgAlana Gonzales: Alana is a Digital Content Specialist on Mower Agency's content team helping to run the Roam The Empire Instagram account. She works and lives in Syracuse, New York and has planned quite a few Empire staycations for the summer from boating on Cayuga and Skaneateles Lakes to visiting friends who've recently made Manhattan home. Feel free to send Alana an email at if you have any inquiries or comments as it pertains to the Roam The Empire Instagram account or for collaborations that you have in mind.
Rachele Markele 3.jpgRachele Markle: Rachele is the Communications Coordinator for NYSTIA. She was born and raised in Oneida, New York but her love for tourism and career pursuit have led her abroad. Rachel has managed the communications and social media for nonprofit organizations in the Netherlands and a virtual festival in London, and recently completed a masters in Tourism Destination Management in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rachele is currently residing in Berlin, Germany, and hopes to return to New York State to pursue her tourism career. You can contact Rachele anytime at to collaborate on RTE content, ask questions, or just say hi!