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Jun 25, 2021


- UGC is Spreading the Word!

User-generated content is picking up as more New Yorkers are sharing their travel destinations with us. We're happy to see travellers all around the state taking part in the campaign, as well as our partners.
Check out two of our favorites from Instagram!

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Promote your Summer Events by Taking Our Survey:
Last week we mentioned that we'd like to help promote your upcoming summer events in this newsletter and across our social media platforms. We know that there is a lot going on across our state this summer, so to save you time we created a quick and easy survey to help you share the most important information with us. It takes less than 5 minutes and covers everything from dates, special offers, links and more.
Take the summer events survey now and we'll log them in for promotion!


Visit Trails Less Traveled:


We're all about protecting and promoting the great outdoors of our great state. New York has so many hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. That's why we're loving the #LoveOurNYLandsinitiative from Parks and Trails NY, NY State Parksand NYSDEC, since it's a great way to encourage New Yorkers to protect their state's nature by exploring it responsibly.
Try adding the hashtag to a promo of one of your less-visited outdoor attractions, or simply use it to spread the word. And don't forget to add #RoamTheEmpire!




Roaming Ahead:
The Russian History Museum is giving every New Yorker the opportunity to experience the splendor of Russian ecclesiastical art. Their upcoming digital lecture on the final days of the Russian aristocracy before the Revolution is a story you won't want to miss. Check out their video lecture on Grand Duke Michael to get a feel of the history you'll be diving into:


You can also check out the stunning Russian art up close during one of their weekly tours, where you'll see intricately painted icons, richly embroidered vestments, glittering chalices and more!


Get Involved in NYS Trivia:


What was your guess for this week's NYS trivia question? Keep checking our Instagram and Facebook stories for more questions—and don't forget to try your hand at answering them!
We're still taking trivia questions from destinations, so send us your fun facts via email so we can pass them over to our creative team. Your destination might get featured with a post like this one!





Weekly Post Highlight:

It's still Pride Month, and we're excited to see that Fresh Air Adventures NY used this opportunity to promote equality and the importance of supporting local businesses. Every dollar spent locally makes a huge difference, and we're going bananas for the cause built behind the Little Fruit Stand's promo.






Thank you for reading this week's Newsletter, and as always for your support and participation in the Roam The Empire campaign. We wouldn't be able to spread the word without you!


See you next week,


- Alana and Rachele


Alana Gonzales: Alana is a Digital Content Specialist on Mower Agency's content team helping to run the Roam The Empire Instagram account. She works and lives in Syracuse, New York and has planned quite a few Empire staycations for the summer from boating on Cayuga and Skaneateles Lakes to visiting friends who've recently made Manhattan home. Feel free to send Alana an email at if you have any inquiries or comments as it pertains to the Roam The Empire Instagram account or for collaborations that you have in mind.
Rachele Markele 3.jpgRachele Markle: Rachele is the Communications Coordinator for NYSTIA. She was born and raised in Oneida, New York but her love for tourism and career pursuit have led her abroad. Rachel has managed the communications and social media for nonprofit organizations in the Netherlands and a virtual festival in London, and recently completed a masters in Tourism Destination Management in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rachele is currently residing in Berlin, Germany, and hopes to return to New York State to pursue her tourism career. You can contact Rachele anytime at to collaborate on RTE content, ask questions, or just say hi!