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NYSTIA - Board of Directors Nominations for 2015

Oct 16, 2014

On behalf of the nominating committee, I am pleased to submit to you the ballot for election to the New York State Tourism Industry Association Board of Directors. This is an electronic ballot that is being sent to all members in good standing.  Because of the merger between the New York State Tourism Promotion Agency Council and the New York State Travel and Vacation Association Council, it is necessary that all members be voted upon this year. 

Please cast your vote for the Slate below by sending a reply to the nominating committee at  In order to cast your ballot, cut and paste the following message into the body of the message - indicating with a check mark your vote, and  typing in any names which you might suggest.  Please note that we do have one vacancy to fill, if you have a viable candidate, we’d appreciate hearing from you. - Valerie Knoblauch, Secretary

Please send your message by October 22, 2014