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NYS Coronavirus Update: Mid-Hudson Valley Region Begins Phase 2 Today -- Filing Property Tax Abatements Deadline Extended -- Metro-North Cleaning

Jun 9, 2020

From Governor Cuomo @ 7:02 PM on June 9:

Now that the whole state has begun reopening, we are closely monitoring each region to make sure we don't see any spikes in COVID cases. Our strategy from the outset was a data and fact-based approach and we continue to apply that same approach as we move New York forward. We are seeing spikes in other states like Florida, and in countries around the globe, which is a very real reason we must be watchful. Just because we reopen does not mean that we need to experience a spike. That's why we must continue to be smart and diligent.

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Tip of the Day: Wear a mask to stop the spread.

Here's what else you need to know tonight:

1. The Mid-Hudson Valley entered Phase 2 of reopening today. Long Island will enter Phase 2 tomorrow, June 10th. You can read more about our New York Forward guidance for Phase 2 here.

2. The new deadline for filing property tax abatements is July 15, 2020. Yesterday, I signed legislation authorizing local governments to extend this deadline in recognition of the hardships many families and businesses continue to face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. New York, in partnership with CORE, has established 11 new testing sites in communities that have been particularly impacted by COVID-19. CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and strengthening communities affected by or vulnerable to crises.

4. Metro-North has taken unprecedented steps in preparing for riders' return to the service. Trains and stations are cleaned and disinfected nightly, and the state is delivering 500,000 cloth masks, as well as 10,000 gallons and 100,000 2-oz. bottles of hand sanitizer to the railroad. Remember: You MUST wear a mask when riding public transportation systems — it's mandatory and a sign of respect for your fellow riders.

5. Testing remains a top priority. There are now more than 800 COVID-19 testing sites across the state. More information on where and how to get tested for COVID-19 is available at

Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment"
: Antonio Gwynn Jr., a Buffalo, NY high school senior, spent 10 hours, by himself, cleaning up damage from protests in the city. In recognition of his selfless work for his community, he was rewarded with a car and a college scholarship from Medaille College.

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Ever Upward,
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo