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New Member Introduction: Jonathan Keslow of Epsilon Conversant

Jul 21, 2020

Jonathan Keslow is the East Coast Travel Lead at Epsilon Conversant; a digital advertising company that focuses on driving ROAS for its travel and tourism clients.

Jonathan has worked in the digital marketing space for nearly a decade. He has diverse experience working with brands like Marriott, Apple Vacations, Coach Mega Bus, Fairfax VA and the Bahamas. His depth and breadth of experience allow him to help travel and tourism marketers focus on measurable outcomes using data-driven solutions. With his experience building campaigns from the ground up he has helped his clients think outside the box and utilize unique strategies to maximize return.

At Epsilon-Conversant, he has successfully helped his clients build their brands, optimize digital marketing campaigns, and gain a holistic understanding of visitation and visitor spend. Through Net Economic Impact, EPS-CNVR's measurement solution, destinations have been able to use concrete transactional data to identify top feeder markets, measure return on ad spend and visitor spend by category and prove the destination's role in driving economic impact.

Account Executive | Travel and Tourism | 301.602.6774 |