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Guidance for Promoting the Health and Safety of All Travelers

May 4, 2020

From Roger Dow @ 6:34 PM on May 4:

On May 4, following an extraordinary collaboration across the travel industry, U.S. Travel Association submitted to the White House and governors of every state Industry Guidance for Promoting the Health and Safety of All Travelers.

When the moment is right, travel and tourism will be critical to rebuilding our nation's economy. We must demonstrate leadership to all levels of government, and communicate clearly with the traveling public, that every segment of this industry is committed to prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and employees throughout each step of the travel experience.

The guidance was developed in close collaboration with health and medical professionals, and with organizations throughout the broader travel industry: hotels/resorts, airports, airlines, attractions, restaurants, rental cars, meeting venues, event producers, travel advisors and others. It also builds upon and aligns with the White House and CDC guidelines for "Opening Up America Again."

Travel in the New Normal

The guidance focuses on six key areas, with suggested approaches outlined under each (view full guidance here):

  • Travel businesses should adapt operations, modify employee practices and/or redesign public spaces to help protect employees and customers.
  • Travel businesses should consider implementing touchless solutions, where practical, to limit the opportunity for virus transmission while also enabling a positive travel experience.
  • Travel businesses should adopt and implement enhanced sanitation procedures specifically designed to combat the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Travel businesses should promote health screening measures for employees and isolate workers with possible COVID-19 symptoms and provide health resources to customers.
  • Travel businesses should establish a set of procedures aligned with CDC guidance should an employee test positive for COVID-19.
  • Travel businesses should follow best practices in food and beverage service to protect the health of employees and customers.

This guidance is being distributed for implementation across our industry to provide all travel businesses with an overarching set of health and safety practices to utilize and build upon. It also recognizes that travelers must also follow health guidelines to help protect their families and those around them. We must all work together.

We will modify the guidance as the public health issue evolves and we will continue to work with medical and health professionals, government officials and travel leaders across the industry to prioritize the health and safety of travelers and travel employees.

We will hold a webinar this week to walk through the guidance and share what it means for our industry—look for more details tomorrow.

Together, and at the right time, we can promote public travel in a safe, healthy environment and communicate what to expect through the traveler's journey.

As always, please let us know of any questions.



Roger Dow

Roger J. Dow
President and CEO
U.S. Travel Association