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ACT NOW: COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition partners!

Oct 13, 2020

Based on a significant number of discussions on the status of negotiations, there is reason to continue to actively and aggressively engage Congressional leaders and the Administration to continue negotiations on a broader deal to support the economy, workers, businesses and state and local governments.

Here is a small sampling of some of what we've heard in the last 48 hours:

  1. After ceasing negotiations, the President is now determined to get a COVID relief package done in the near term
  2. The Speaker and Secretary Mnuchin are negotiating again
  3. The Speaker's office is highly engaged and operating like it is serious
  4. Senate Republicans seem open to a larger package
  5. Airline bill as a stand alone is possibly moving next week, several committee chairmen and members of leadership have carefully chosen words on this topic throughout the past 24 hours
  6. Airline bill won't move unless it is part of a broader package, unless it does?
  7. Bigger bill won't happen until after the election, but?

We all agree that there needs to be a substantial COVID relief package that includes at a minimum the things that both sides agree upon, including an expanded and extended PPP and additional support for cities and states, before the election.

So we should light up the phones, the emails and the social media - We think if we ALL ACTIVATE ON TUESDAY, OCT 13, it will resonate even more.

  1. Promote and amplify the COVID Relief Now Digital Ad (link here) through all of your media channels;
  2. Send targeted tweets and social media post using the social media tool kit;
  3. Activate your grassroots and grasstops through the Coalition grassroots portal;
  4. Engage local media for local, national and inside the beltway articles.


Updated social media is up in the toolkit... a gif has been added to the file, too:

We will also plan to have a call next week so please keep an eye out for an invite.

Thanks as well for sharing any intel you may be hearing!


Tori, Brian & Matt

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