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WEBINAR: Metrics Don't Equal Strategy: The Rise of Destination Intelligence

Apr 7, 2021

- Apr 14, 2021 01:00 PM ET -

- Metrics Don't Equal Strategy: The Rise of Destination Intelligence

It is the 'Golden Age' of data in the DMO industry. However, this bounty of insights and information has arrived at a challenging time; while the need for destination intelligence has never been greater—the budgets to invest in and sustain those resources have reached historic lows. Join Madden Media's Matt Clement and a panel of DMOs for a frank discussion on how the pandemic and societal challenges have shaped the role of destination intelligence for the DMO industry. How should DMOs tailor their approach to research and destination intelligence? Which information streams are critical and which are 'nice to have'? How can destination intelligence platforms supplement the work of a research director or help make up for the loss of that FTE on staff? How can destination intelligence platforms make sense of the data 'noise' and enable enhanced decision making, more effective communication and improved advocacy efforts? Join the discussion for upfront answers to these critical questions as well as insights on how to best utilize destination intelligence to prepare for the coming recovery.

Moderator: Matt Clement, Managing Partner, Madden Media

Matt Borud, Marketing & Innovation Administrator, Idaho Department of Commerce
Kalene Griffith, President/CEO, Visit Bentonville
Brett Stawar, President & CEO, Visit Port Aransas


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