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Urge Congress To Renew Brand USA Now

Nov 18, 2019

Congress has an opportunity to renew Brand USA this year—a program that has proven to boost U.S. jobs and the economy without costing taxpayers a dime.

International travelers have many choices and we want them to choose America. Ensuring Brand USA's reauthorization ensures the U.S. continues to welcome inbound travelers by staying competitive with other destinations around the world.

Many members of Congress understand the importance of Brand USA: both the House and Senate have introduced standalone bills (H.R. 3851 and S. 2203, respectively) to reauthorize this critical program.

But more work remains to be done and we are calling on and the travel industry to act now.

Call your members of Congress and urge them to tell their chamber's leadership to include Brand USA renewal in must-pass legislation this year.

  • For members of Congress in the House, this means telling your representative(s) to urge Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthyto include Brand USA reauthorization in their end of year funding package.
  • For members of Congress in the Senate, this means telling your senator(s) to urge Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer to include Brand USA reauthorization in their end of year funding package.

Here are three more ways to get involved:

  1. Send an Action Alert to your representative and your senator encouraging them to co-sponsor H.R. 3851 or S. 2203, demonstrate the importance of Brand USA to their committee leadership, and renew Brand USA this year.
  2. Write an op-ed for your local newspaper touting the benefits Brand USA delivers to your community. Find examples below and reference our sample op-ed as you draft yours.
  3. Engage on social media using the hashtag #RenewBrandUSA to both encourage your member(s) of Congress and join the conversation on the importance of this program. Our social media guide can get you started.

If you have plans to meet with your member of Congress, reference our talking points for key messages, stats and asks.

Roger Dow, President & CEO, U.S. Travel Association