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Tourism Initiatives in the Governor's Policy Briefing

Jan 12, 2017

Tourism Initiatives in the Governor's Policy Briefing

Below is a summary of the tourism initiatives contained in the Governor's policy briefing book.

Tourism Proposals


  • $5 million increase over last year
  • Goes to creating a Welcome Center in each region of the State
    • Each center will have Taste NY, Path Through History, I Love NY, and State Parks Experience
  • Market New York increased to $15 million, including $2 million focused on promoting destinations, attractions and special events related to the craft beverage and agritourism industry
  • $500k special events agritourism marketing initiative for Taste NY to have a presence at key events

2.Complete the Empire State Trail to Create the Nation's Largest Mixed-Use Trail Network by 2020

  • Develop nearly 350 new trail miles, creating a 750-mile multi-use trail network
  • Promotion supported by: I Love NY, Taste NY. Path Through History, and Erie Canal Bicentennial 2017 campaigns (includes website and app)

3.Double Visitors' Exposure to Taste NY Products in New York State Parks and Expand Presence at Major Entertainment Venues

  • Go from 15 million person exposure last year to 30 million this year
  • Increase exposure at: Robert Moses, Bear Mountain, Saratoga Spa State Parks
  • Expanding sponsoring for Taste NY cafes, bars, and concessions at major sporting events including the NYC Marathon and the FedEx PGA Golf Tournament
  • Expand concessions at the TU Center, Lakeview Amphitheater and SPAC

4.Grow New York's Craft Beverage Sector to Create Jobs

  • Launch the first-ever New York Craft Beverage Week (partnering with NY Restaurant Association and NYC Hospitality Alliance) in the fall; will work with SLA
  • Offering a new grant for craft beverage producers to engage in joint marketing campaigns and stipends to enter products in national and international competitions

5.Establish the Taste NY Culinary Trail System

  • Create the Taste NY Culinary Trail Promotional Program to assist New York's branded trail systems with additional statewide promotion
  • Creates a one-stop shop within the Taste NY program at the Department of Ag and Markets in coordination with OGS and DOT

6.Create Master Plan for “Gateway to the Adirondacks" at Northway Exit 29 in North Hudson

  • UP to $32 million (state, local, and private investment) to create the Gateway to the Adirondacks hub
  • Includes a state-run campground, equestrian camping and trail riding area, visitor information center event center with tourist accomodations, interactive exhibits, and areas designated for commercial business development (including food and lodging)
Information provided courtesy of NYSH&TA and Jackson Lewis.