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Support NYSTIA's Pandemic Recovery & Resurgence Market New York Grant Proposal

Jul 26, 2021

- In June the NYSTIA Board reviewed a Market New York Pandemic Recovery & Resurgence grant proposal draft and voted unanimously to approve the submission of a Market NY grant subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. An updated version of the grant proposal was approved by vote of the Executive Committee last week. I also discussed it and shared a copy of the proposal during the July 20 TPA meeting. A grant proposal deck is available for your review here. While we have already received letters of support for the grant application from our board members, it will be our general membership who will benefit from the matching funds investment opportunities that will be available if the grant is approved and I'd like you each to consider sending a letter of support.

This proposal is modeled after the highly successful Market New York Grant AC682 administered by the New York State Tourism Industry Association (NYSTIA) in 2019. Through efforts led by NYSTIA, 32 regional and county Tourism Promotion Agencies (TPA's), major museums, attractions and collaborative itinerary programs were able to partner in a Market New York grant and jointly generate an estimated $12.6 million in total sales impact – a $24:$1 return on investment.

This proposal differs from AC682 in that it is specifically designed to address pandemic recovery and resurgence. It targets different consumer markets of opportunity, addresses pandemic-related industry needs, and invests in longer-term ROI in the area of workforce and professional skills and knowledge development. While its components are diverse, they are available a la carte to enable participants to select only those aspects that are relevant to their needs.

This proposal also enables adaptation to the dynamics of a pandemic where conditions continue to change, and the travel industry must shift priorities and strategies in response to that environment.

I can be reached at 518.956.1241 if you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the grant proposal.

The draft letter is linked here for your use in preparing a letter supporting our grant application.

It is vital that you email your letter of support to me ( no later than 5 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, July 27 - the grant submission deadline is Friday, July 30.


Thank you in advance for your support!

Bob Provost