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Otsego County Tourism Promotion Agency Launches 2021 Digital Brochure

Apr 15, 2021

– Destination Marketing Corporation (DMC), the contracted Tourism Promotion Agent for Otsego County announces the 2021 Digital Lure Piece. This interactive flipbook serves as the County's travel guide. Due to funding constraints caused by COVID-19, the Tourism Marketing Committee opted to produce a digital guide for 2021. Approximately $25,000 of funding that would have otherwise been spent on printing and distributing a physical travel guide has been redirected to digital advertising.

OtsegoCounty_DigitalGuide_2021 Cover.jpg“Producing a digital piece means we were able to expand the size of the document, adding additional pages showcasing outdoor activities by season, meeting spaces and event venues as well as a new History & Education section that highlights all the on-site learning possibilities available in the Village of Museums. This digital lure piece is packed with great imagery, some from visitors themselves, and its guaranteed to make folks seriously consider a visit." says DMC executive director, Cassandra Harrington.

DMC has enrolled in a lead generation program that offers the digital brochure to travelers worldwide in exchange for their contact information, which will be used for e-mail marketing campaigns. It is also a goal that local accommodations will include a link to the digital brochure in their reservation confirmation e-mails with the hope that visitors explore more and spend more money while in Otsego County.

According to the recently released Economic Impact of Visitors in New York 2019 report from Tourism Economics, tourism generated $217.3 million in direct sales (up 5.6% over 2018), supported 3,435 jobs and contributed $15.3 million to the local tax base in Otsego County. Were it not for tourism-generated state and local taxes, the average household in the region would have to pay an additional $1,156 to maintain the same level of government revenue.

Otsego County is looking forward to a strong and healthy tourism recovery. This Digital Brochure, paired with a strong ad campaign, and cohesive messaging from all businesses will keep Cooperstown competitive during this crucial time. An “all-hands-on-deck" effort by tourism businesses is needed to get visitors to choose Otsego County for future travel plans.

To view the Digital Concierge, visit

About Destination Marketing Corporation

The Destination Marketing Corporation's mission is to actively promote and market Otsego County for the purpose of encouraging overnight visitation thus contributing to the economic impact of tourism in our communities through the generation of occupancy tax revenues..