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NYS Coronavirus Update: New Executive Order on Masks -- Record Number of New Yorkers Tested

May 28, 2020

From Governor Cuomo @ 7:11 PM on May 28:

Today I signed an Executive Order that permits store owners to deny entry to people who refuse to wear masks. Many stores have already implemented policies to this effect, and this order clarifies that they are within their rights to do so. People may choose to put themselves at risk but they don't have the right to jeopardize the health of others. And business owners need the authority to protect themselves and their customers. Widespread mask-wearing is an effective tool against Coronavirus, and I continue to remind all New Yorkers that the law requires each of us to wear a mask in public. New York is one family, and we all have to look out for each other.

Photo of the Day: Last week, City Harvest in NYC joined with Masbia Soup Kitchens through the Nourish NY initiative to bring dairy products to New Yorkers in need in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

Here's what else you need to know tonight:

1. Chris Rock and Rosie Perez joined me in Brooklyn today to encourage New Yorkers to get tested. They also highlighted why wearing a mask in public is important for all of us. These iconic Brooklynites have signed on to help us get the word out to all: If you have symptoms, have had contact with a COVID-positive person or are an essential employee, get a test and find out if you have COVID-19. There are over 225 testing sites in NYC alone — find one near you here.

2. The MTA will pilot the use of proven UV light technology to kill COVID-19 in subway cars and crew facilities. The MTA currently cleans and disinfects its fleet of subway cars and commuter trains every 24 hours.

3. New York State will distribute 1 million masks to NYC's hardest-hit neighborhoods today. The state has already distributed more than 8 million masks across New York City, including NYCHA developments, food banks, churches and homeless shelters.

4. The numbers of total COVID hospitalizations continues to decline. Total hospitalizations fell to 4,010, from 4,208 the day before. The number of new COVID hospitalizations fell to 163, from 181 the day before. Tragically, we lost 74 New Yorkers to the virus yesterday.

5. New York tested a record of 65,245 people yesterday. That is the most people we have tested in a single day since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Of those tested, only 1,768 were positive for COVID — great news compared to where we were just a few weeks ago.

6. Over the next few weeks, the Department of Environmental Conservation is hosting a virtual series called Adventure at Home, designed to help New Yorkers find ways to take advantage of outdoor recreational activities in their own communities. This week, Fish NY staff offered tips and tricks on how to get started fishing from anywhere in the state. State parks, trails and beaches remain open for safe and socially distanced walking, hiking, biking and more.

Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment"
: To spread the joy of art to children in shelters and foster care, Chelsea Phaire, a 10 year-old in Connecticut, has given away 1,500 art kits during the pandemic. Chelsea's philanthropy began last summer, when she asked her guests to bring art supplies instead of gifts to her birthday. She evenly distributed the crayons, markers, paper and colored pencils into 40 kits, which she hand-delivered to a NY homeless shelter. The kits have been sent to children in 12 states so far.

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Ever Upward,
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo