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NYS Coronavirus Update: Happy Mother's Day -- Expanding Nursing Home Protection Measures

May 10, 2020

From Governor Cuomo @ 7:54 PM on May 10:

This year, Mother's Day is different for a lot of us. Many New Yorkers are separated from our mothers and rather than the usual family gathering, we are forced to stay apart and to celebrate remotely. Nonetheless today is still about love, and it's about showing appreciation for our mothers. So to all the moms in our state, whether separated by distance or staying home together, thank you for all you do and happy Mother's Day.
Gov. Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo.
Photo of the Day: Today, my mother Matilda joined my press conference for Mother's Day.

Here's what else you need to know tonight:

1. I will issue an Executive Order mandating that all nursing home staff be tested for COVID-19 two times per week. Nursing homes must implement plans to do so and report any positive test results to the State Department of Health by the next day. Additionally, hospitals cannot discharge a patient to a nursing home unless that patient tests negative for Coronavirus. Any nursing home or adult care facility found to be in violation of health protocols may have its operating license suspended or revoked or be subject to penalty.

2. On Tuesday, the Food Bank of Central New York will distribute food at the New York State Fairgrounds. As part of the Nourish New York Initiative, the food bank will be holding a drive-thru distribution on Tuesday, May 12 from 12:30pm - 3:30pm at the Horticulture Building on the New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse.

3. New York State is notifying 49 other states of emerging cases of a COVID-related illness in children. We are currently investigating 85 reported cases in New York where children — predominantly school-aged — are experiencing an inflammatory syndrome similar to Kawasaki disease or toxic shock syndrome. The illness is believed to be related to Coronavirus. If your child is experiencing symptoms such as prolonged fever, severe abdominal pain, change in skin color, racing heart and chest pain, make sure you call your doctor.

4. Total COVID hospitalizations are still dropping. Total hospitalizations fell to 7,262, from 7,776 the day before. The number of new COVID hospitalizations yesterday was 521 — the lowest it has been since March 20. Tragically, we lost an additional 207 New Yorkers yesterday to the virus.

5. The State Department of Health is actively pursuing a new drug therapy in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS is distributing an antiviral medication called Remdesivir that may help patients infected with COVID-19 recover more quickly. New York will use the medication to treat 2,900 people at 15 hospitals.

Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment"
: This Mother's Day, my mother Matilda did an interview with Elle magazine. Read the interview here.

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Ever Upward,
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo