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NYers4NY: Grassroots COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Dec 18, 2020


BACKGROUND: COVID-19 has devastated tourism more than any other New York State industry. Since March 1, 2020, NYS travel spending has declined 72% (-$49.6 billion) vs 2019 and Leisure/Hospitality employment is down 48% vs February 2020. Residents are unemployed, businesses are struggling to survive, and state and local tax revenues have been severely diminished.

PREMISE: New York State residents represent the largest, most affluent and (frankly) ideal consumer audience with the potential to maximize New York State tourism recovery in 2021 and beyond.
(Sources: Tourism Economics; NYS Dept of Labor)

ers4NY: Grassroots COVID-19 Relief* Initiative: Concerted and collaborative effort to rally NYers to think NY First when the time is right to contemplate 2021 travel and vacation plans.

Reassure New Yorkers that when they are ready to travel responsibly, New York State destinations are:

  • Accessible, affordable, operating safely, and ready to provide experiences and create memories they will treasure for years to come!

Raise consumer awareness/provoke interest in:

  • All the NY places you've never been,
  • All the NY experiences you've never had, and
  • All the NY places you miss and want to visit again

Communicate to NY leadership and residents that when the time is right to travel, planning your travel within NYS will:

  • Lift your spirits and power positivity;
  • Help re-employ your fellow NYers;
  • Support the survival of local businesses;
  • Revitalize NYS communities;
  • And restore state and local tax revenues.

Campaign Timing: As Soon As Practical & culminate Mar 31, 2021?

Executive / Legislative Support? (Senate & Assembly proclamations underway)

o Jan 25 to 31: Explore NY Week - Find the NY You Love

  • Explore NYS destinations and experiences virtually to make travel and vacation plans for when you decide the time is right!
  • Jan 26: Plan Your Vacation Day (US Travel)

o NYSTIA Initiative: Re-Imagining the NYSTC tourism scholarship auction as a broadly promoted consumer auction / promotion launching in 1st quarter 2020.