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NYC & Company's CEO Fred Dixon: The Coalition for NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery

May 14, 2020

NYC & Company's President & CEO Fred Dixon addressed New York State's Tourism Promotion Agencies (TPA's) Wednesday afternoon, May 13 via NYSTIA's weekly TPA forum. Fred shared the details of the newly formed Coalition For NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery, providing his perspective on the issues to be addressed and the strategies for success that are in development. Details are available on the NYC & Company website or in the May 13 issue of


Fred discussed the opportunities for collaboration addressing the hyper-local travel market, pledging to encourage New York City residents to visit upstate if our partners across the state encourage their folks to visit the five boroughs, observing, "I love the city and I love my apartment, but I'm ready for a change of scenery and I can't wait to plan a getaway upstate when the time is right. I think there will be a tremendous opportunity for us all to support each other." In his closing comments, Fred added "We're all in this together... I think we are each other's best allies, especially in this moment."