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Looking Beyond the Holidays... Start The New Year Strategically, Thoughtfully

Dec 21, 2020


- It's no secret that we are facing very difficult days, perhaps the most difficult of the pandemic. It is vital that we embrace a strategy that will support and strengthen our communities in the near term while setting the stage for a robust recovery in 2021!

Anyone following the industry research, news media and government updates already knows: we will likely have to endure (or are already experiencing) increased restrictions and precautions during the current COVID surge - while we await the roll-out of vaccines that hold the promise of much better days ahead.
  1. A majority of Americans expect the pandemic situation to get worse in the next month and perceptions of travel safety in the immediate future have declined.
  2. On the other hand, the percentage of Americans who are excited to learn about new travel experiences and destinations is rising, and receptivity to travel messaging is up.
CALL-TO-ACTION - Your Virtual Resources Can Power Positivity: During New York Pause many of New York's destinations and attractions rolled out incredibly creative videos and virtual tours, digital experiences and activities that provided residents and travel consumers with much needed relief from stress and isolation at home. The good news is that not only were those digital assets of great value during New York Pause, but they can work even harder for us in January! Let's make those resources pay additional dividends.

BobProvost-163k V2.jpg
We've already introduced you to the NYers4NY initiative, intended to encourage New Yorkers to think New York First when the time is right to travel in 2021 and beyond. Well, in January, we can do good while doing well by using the virtual exploration of your New York State travel opportunities to lift spirits, relieve isolation and generally Power Positivity- and promote your destinations! Stay tuned for follow-up materials and a toolkit in the coming weeks. Plan to participate this grassroots marketing outreach collaboration.