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Join NYSTVA's 2013 Consumer Travel Shows Program

Sep 19, 2012


Enroll now to participate in NYSTVA's 2013 literature distribution service at 14 travel and outdoor sports shows in the United States and Canada. Brochures and travel guides for CONY members are distributed at these shows via a professionally staffed booth, complete with dynamic imagery and handy plastic bags.

NYSTVA members are encouraged to send brochures to any or all of the shows. Costs range from $100-$200 per show, which is a fraction of the total cost for an individual entity to attend just one show. NYSTVA members who staff the show booth receive a $75.00 per day attendance rebate after the shows season (except for State Fair).


Not yet a CONY member? JOIN NOW and take advantage of this solid, beneficial and cost-saving benefit. Member categories range from $100-$300 per year.