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Hops on the Hudson Drafts Re-Open Plan for Outdoor, Ticketed Festivals

May 11, 2020


The Governor has asked businesses to come up with a detailed plan to re-open our businesses. Hops on the Hudson has heard the call and has now put together a very detailed Event Guideline called, “Outdoor Mini-Festival Guideline" and actually built out physical models of exhibit spaces.
Our Goal: To open the first day we are allowed to (June 27/28 is our Event date presently), with all safety precaution boxes checked off. Create a safe environment so that people are not hesitant to attend. To assure event workers, vendors and guests that we have taken all necessary steps to create that safe environment.
We would like to be a pilot for the rest of the state. Learn from one event, how many should be organized.
Hops on the Hudson organized their first 2 New York Craft Beer sampling festivals (ticketed) outdoor festivals in 2019. (A huge success with many vendors and guests attending both events) flyer attached.
When: June and October, 2019
Where: Mayor's Park, Cold Spring, NY (across the Hudson River from West Point)
Who attended each festival on average:
1. 55 NY brewers and cider makers
2. 20 NY artisans who make craft brittle, pickles, hot sauce, jewelry, woodwork, kettlecorn, deserts, chocalates, soap, candles, honey, syrup. All businesses are from NY
3. 7 NY Food trucks – Bongo Fries, Mobile Road Grub, Groundling Pizza, etc. (all from NY)
4. 3 NY musicians
5. 1,000 plus guests attended each festival. (Our first year)
The Governor has asked us to look at how we NOW open up our business.
Here is our PLAN:
1. Downsize attendance from 1500 to 500 and only sell Pre-event tickets. No tickets on day of.
2. Downsize tents from three (3) 40 foot by 100 ft to many 10 foot by 10 foot tents. *maybe 20 by 20
3. Provide 6 ft. separation: entrance to the event, at vendor booths, at Food trucks, at bathroom, etc
4. Provide SAFE cleaning stations, require everyone to have face covering, and post new EVENT Guidelines throughout the event.
We'll keep you posted in how our draft for the new, “How everyone should act at the event" is received and any refinements that we make in order to receive approval... - John Scherer, Hops on the Hudson.