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Governor Cuomo's April 14 COVID-19 Update: The Good News and the Bad News - How You Can Help

Apr 15, 2020

From Governor Cuomo @ 8:22 PM on April 14:

Remember: Our actions determine our destiny. This virus spreads in ways we now understand via person-to-person transmission that can be airborne. We know that we can actively prevent its spread by staying home, by wearing face coverings when we are out of the house and by standing six feet away from others in public. New Yorkers should be proud that we have flattened the curve and we are continuing to do so every day. But this is far from over: The moment we become lax, the virus will take advantage. We must stay the course.

A rainbow in NYC.
Photo of the Day: Yesterday, a rainbow appeared over New York City just in time for the 7pm nightly clap to salute our frontline heroes (Photo by Steve Braband)
Here's what else you need to know tonight:
1. Some positive news — and some terrible news. For the first time since we began recording the data, the total number of hospitalizations has dipped down in New York State. We also saw a drop in the number of intubations for the second day in a row. That's the good news; it shows that what we are doing is working. But the tragic news is that we lost 778 New Yorkers to this virus yesterday. The number of daily fatalities has been essentially flat — but at a horrifying rate. We mourn every New Yorker we've lost.

2. I am calling for a fair federal stimulus bill for New York. Congress must appropriate an additional $500 billion specifically for states and territories to meet the states' budgetary shortfalls that have resulted from the unprecedented public health crisis. In the absence of this, states will have to confront the prospect of significant reductions to critical services, hampering public health and the economic recovery.

3. Due to Coronavirus, there is a shortage of blood and blood donations are desperately needed. New York State is working with blood banks to ensure safe social distancing protocols are being followed. Learn how and where you can donate at

4. Other ways you can help. In addition to giving blood, there are many ways New Yorkers can help with the state's coronavirus response, from donating goods and services to contributing to the state's First Responders Fund to volunteering. And you can continue to help us just by social distancing and acting responsibly. Learn more here.

Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment": In order to liven up mundane chores, people around the world are finding some levity by dressing up while taking out the trash. From wearing unicorn costumes to wedding dresses, people are getting creative to make social distancing a bit more uplifting.


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Ever Upward,

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo