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Bring Home Some Hardware!

Jun 16, 2019

Tourism professionals love their work – but it's also great to bring home some hardware!

Just two weeks left to submit your work for consideration...

We all know that working in the tourism and hospitality business is its own reward. But I can tell you from personal experience that winning an award for the great work you do is also very gratifying. In addition to my role as Creative Director for Visit Buffalo Niagara, I'm also a member of the 2019 Annual Excellence In Tourism Awards committee. Visit Buffalo Niagara is a three-time award winner (excellence in tourism marketing, visitor services and overall tourism marketing), and being recognized by our peers for our creativity made all of the hard work worthwhile. That's why I hope you will consider submitting a nomination for NYSTIA's 2019 awards. I'm always amazed and inspired by the creative and innovative programs my New York State DMO peers use to lure visitors to their communities, and these programs are very worthy of recognition and celebration. The work we all do is vital to New York's economy, and we should honor our partners who are developing creative programs that, in the end, benefit all New Yorkers.

The awards are open to all NYSTIA members, and then lucky winners will be honored at the annual meeting in September. Please take some time to review your programs and initiatives and submit them for judging. Then you'll have a chance to join me for your induction into the NYSTIA Excellence In Tourism Awards winner's circle! I hope to see you this fall! If you are not the designated NYSTIA member for your organization or your organization is not a member, login as a GUEST here in order to submit.

See you in Auburn!

Matt Steinberg, Director of Creative Services, Visit Buffalo Niagara