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April 14 Webinar - Clarity in Times of Crisis: Edition 2: Mobile Location Data Trends

Apr 10, 2020


Clarity in a Time of Crisis
Edition 2: Mobile Location Data Trends with UberMedia & Insights from Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Miles Partnership is coordinating and curating the latest research and updates from industry leaders related to COVID-19 and the tourism industry in an effort to bring you thoughtful and fact-based insights and recommendations. Through this webinar series, we will spotlight industry-leading research and data providers as well as DMOs and travel experts from around the globe in search of answers to timely, critical questions.

In the second edition of the Clarity in a Time of Crisis webinar series on Tuesday, April 14, at 3pm ET, we will be joined by Evan Saunders, Vice President of Tourism and Hospitality at UberMedia, and Dave Santucci, Chief Marketing Officer of Chattanooga Tourism Co. Evan will share some of UberMedia's latest analysis of destinations around the world on what locals and visitors are doing, and not doing, during the crisis. Chattanooga has been a standout among destinations in supporting and engaging with local businesses, the community and future visitors. Dave will showcase some of their most impactful projects and share practical advice for DMOs dealing with lockdowns and planning for recovery.