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2020 Co-Op Programs To Be Featured at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Aug 19, 2019

Immediately following the Annual Meeting/Luncheon on September 26, NYSTIA will present an opportunity for members to personally meet 1:1 with many of the marketers and media partners in our Co-Op program to get answers to their questions. (online appointment scheduling will be available three weeks in advance). Co-Op partners will also have the opportunity to provide group briefings in the 10x10 format (10 slides/10"). The two hour program will be segmented in 15" intervals, allowing up to eight meetings or 10x10 briefings per member.

The 2019 Annual Meeting and associated programs will follow the theme Shape Your Future: 20/20 Vision for 2020. NYSTIA intends to do everything we can to enable our members to shape a better future for their destinations, businesses and communities. Providing access to 2020 Co-Op programs before the end of 3rd quarter 2019 and hosting a member-to-member informational session will facilitate member planning and contribute to success in 2020.
If your company is interested in submitting a 2020 Co-Op proposal, now is the time! NYSTIA will platform the 2020 Co-Opportunities on our website Labor Day week in order to provide members time to review them and identify those that may be of interest for their 2020 marketing plans prior to the 2019 Annual Meeting in Auburn on September 26 and 27.
NYSTIA Co-Ops reflect the full spectrum of digital and print strategies and tools, as well as event marketing and the development of professional development programs (see "New From NYSTIA"). If you have a program to share, please contact me, Bob Provost - - to discuss your ideas and/or proposal.