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Finding the Creative History of Your City

by Travis Bort, Creative Director / Owner, PinPoint Marketing, A Division of ABC Creative Group,

Sometimes you don't have to look far to find creative ways to sell your city. We find often that most cities, towns and communities have a unique part of their past that can be used to help attract new visitors.

If you dig deep enough, I am sure you can find some interesting historic facts. Once you discover these facts (or maybe you already know them), figure out how to engage the type of traveler that would be interested in those little tidbits.

Of course, there are the biggies that most of us just can't compete with – not all of us can stake claim to the Oldest City in America, or the site of the most vicious Civil War battles or even the birthplace of Elvis Presley. But, there is always something to consider.


So maybe it's not Elvis, but you may have some type of celebrity that lived in or near your city. They don't have to be the biggest or the most famous, but you should take pride in that and share that story on your website and in your social media.

It makes you who you are and everyone loves a cool story.


Has anything ever been built, created or discovered in your city? Remember it doesn't have to be the home of NASA. Maybe bubble gum was invented in your city or you had the best cigar manufacturers in the country or maybe the two guys who started that cool tech company grew up there. Give it some thought.

You'd be surprised by how many people go to bubble gum conventions.


Most of the time when a city had booming businesses to celebrate that moved away or shut their doors, locals look at that as a negative. But, think about what those businesses did while they were there: the houses they built, the buildings they occupied, the culture they brought. Now look around. Is that still there? Are small coffee shops or craft breweries now based in these spaces?

Consider the Rust Belt revival and the positives that your city has because of those businesses that were there and take advantage of that foundation and history.


Much like the business focus, there may be some very cool architecture in your city that people would be amazed by the history of. I don't care if it's an old insane asylum for that creepy factor or a giant warehouse where they used to fix train cars.

There are people out there that are into those things. Find them and tell them.

So, maybe next time you're trying to figure out your next little marketing strategy, consider some of these items. And there are plenty more.

Everyone has a history. It just sometimes gets overlooked or viewed as a negative when trying to attract the modern traveler.

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy and promote your unique history. Somebody out there will want to check it out and it just adds to your content and story.

- Travis Bort, Creative Director / Owner, PinPoint Marketing, A Division of ABC Creative Group,

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