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Partner Feature: Cory Moskowitz from TransPromotion

Mar 8, 2024

Visionary Founder and CEO Cory Moskowitz founded TransPromotion, a truckside advertising firm in 2018. After decades in marketing, Cory came across a need for out-of-home advertising in the company he had currently been running. The options he found were limited, not only in quantity and location, but also affordability. As he pondered a solution, it struck him. There was in fact a better way to advertise that would not only be substantially more affordable than traditional billboards but would offer significantly more impressions.

TransPromotion leverages 26’ box trucks and 53’ tractor trailers to run advertisements all over the Country. Environmental impact is in fact very important to them, so they are able to remain carbon neutral by only utilizing carrier companies who have trucks already running routes. There is NO putting trucks on the road only to run an advertisement! Not only are these trucks sheer size obviously noticeable, these trucks are running more time and miles every single day than any other fleet could provide such as ride share vehicles.

As far as the process is concerned, once their advertiser communicates with them their desired market, TransPromotion pairs them with one of their carrier partners whose routes best fit the market being requested. Using a high quality vinyl wrap on both sides and the back of the boxes of the trucks, it offers the opportunity for the advertiser to have up to THREE eye catching ads per truck. They provide templates for the creative curation, have their printer partners verify and confirm quality of the creative prior to printing, and provide photos of the trucks once wrapped!

TransPromotion not only is forward thinking in its unique way to offer affordable out-of-home advertising opportunities using trucks, they're pairing this out-of-home advertising concept with in-home digital marketing. Placing specialized beacons on these trucks as they run routes in the designated desired market, they are able to collect Digital ID’s using geofencing allowing them to provide these ID’s back to the advertiser to use for Digital Targeting campaigns. It’s no wonder to see why so many companies and DMO’s have jumped at this opportunity.

Cory’s innovative thinking and determination has developed a strong business model and has created a tight team that’s been able to bring a multitude of visions to life for our advertisers. All the while keeping his family at the top of his priority list. Cory is a doting family man to his wife and two kids, and although would probably rather be able to make a living from golfing, is just all around passionate the way he lives his life.

Megan Moyer

Executive Assistant


O: 301-453-2700 x103