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Employee Benefits Tips and Guidance from NYSTIA Member Brown & Brown

Jun 2, 2022


In their Employee Benefits May Newsletter, Brown & Brown Inc. provided important guidance on a number of issues, most notably:

For self-insured employers:

The next deadline for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Fee for self-insured health plans is August 1, 2022. The PCORI fee due August 1, 2022 is applicable for plan years ending in 2021. Plan sponsors of self-insured health plans are required to report their covered lives (and pay the applicable fee based on their plan year) on IRS Form 720 for the second quarter of 2022. Read more.

IRS releases HSA and HDP limits for 2023:

The IRS released new limits for HSA and HDHP's for January 1, 2023. Also announced are the new amounts for the HDHP deductible and out-of-pocket limits for plan years beginning in 2023. Read more.

  • 2023 inflation-adjusted limits for HSA contributions
  • HDHP minimum deductible amount and maximum out-of-pocket costs

Compliance reminders:

How should employers provide required posters for remote employees?

A new DOL Field Assistance Bulletin clarifies how employers should post required notices in an environment where millions of employees no longer work on their employers' premises where they would usually be able to read official posters. Read more.

NYSTIA member Mike Mastroleo is excited to connect with anyone who has questions or may need guidance with Employee Benefits.

Contact Mike with your needs or questions:

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