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WEBINAR: Clarity in a Time of Change Webinar Series - Building Resilience and Reimagining Tourism

May 10, 2021

- Tuesday, May 25, 2pm ET -


Miles returns in 2021 with a new take on our webinar series, “Clarity in a Time of Change: Rebuilding Travel." As the industry continues to recover and build back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're continuing to spotlight thoughtful and fact-based insights and recommendations on how destinations can and are managing change and the new normal.

It's time to turn aspiration into action and ideas into practical steps. With the recovery of travel already underway, don't miss this essential webinar on the critical steps you need to take to build resilience in your destination and to reimagine the future of your tourism industry. Global leaders in destination management and sustainability will join Miles' Laura Libby to present critical steps every destination should be undertaking now. Then, Miles' Chris Adams will moderate a panel of destination leaders to discuss what this process has been like in their destination and the lessons and best practices they've learned. Join us for global insights and 10 practical ways to “build back better" in your destination.