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Travel Intent Driven Digital Solutions with Sojern

NYSTIA is excited to offer a new Co-Op Opportunity with Sojern to further help you drive visitation and increase visitor revenue. 

With a 50% match in media value from Sojern, your destination is eligible to receive a 2:1 value on your investment towards a digital campaign focused on travel intenders. 

Sojern is not your typical advertising partner – they are a digital marketing platform that specifically focuses on travel and tourism. Through their robust data partnerships, AI and machine learning technology, Sojern identifies travel intenders at key points in their booking journey to put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. Sojern is proud to work with destinations around the world to boost bookings and increase revenue. 

Participation investment levels begin at $5,000 for 3 month campaigns. Once you opt-in, Sojern will work with you to build a custom marketing campaign based on your goals.

All participants will receive access to a portal where you will be able to monitor campaign performance 24/7. Additionally, at the end of your campaign, you’ll receive Sojern’s Economic Impact Report which includes:

  • Est. Economic Impact for Your Destination
  • Travel Events
  • Hotel and Flight Searches/Bookings
  • Foot Traffic
  • Top 10 Origin Markets
  • Lead Time
  • Additional Trends

Contact Seth Orozco to learn more about how Sojern can work for you.

Seth Orozco 

Sales Director 


Phone: 816-985-6957