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Tall Ships & Travel Shows!

Jun 25, 2019

The TALL SHIPS are Coming!

Our partners at the NYS Canal Corporation have invited NYSTIA to participate in the Basil Port of Call Buffalo July 4-7, 2019 at Canalside-Buffalo, NY. The event is three days along the canal, an anticipated 100,000 people will purchase tickets to access the ships and NYSTIA will be there with NYS Canals to chat up NYS. The I Love NY pod will also be at the event and we look forward to presenting your product along with the NYS Canal and I Love NY message.

The cost to distribute at the event is $100. Distribution is limited to rack card, brochures or one sheets. To confirm your participation please select the TALL SHIPS on the Travel Show registration page, select the Distribute Brochure button – at check out please select INVOICE. We will adjust your invoice to reflect $100 per item. Shipping directions will follow confirmation.

2019's Not Over Yet! - The NYSTIA Travel Show schedule has added TWO NEW opportunities to go along with two member favorites:

  • July 18-21 - 19th annual PPG Syracuse Nationals at NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY: If you have a car museum, car show, or road trip itineraries - this show is for you!
  • October 20 - AAA Great Vacation EXPO, Cleveland, OH: Dawn says this is a terrific show with big crowds - not to be missed

NEW SHOWS - Added!
Great opportunities to present your late fall, winter and 1st quarter happenings.

  • October 26 - Hartford Courant at the Connecticut Convention Center: 3,000+ attendees anticipated they are putting together a variety of exciting NYSTIA exclusive opportunities with this show. The event will have a dedicated New York State section where we will Welcome attendees into NYS. Further details and exciting NYSTIA member show benefits will be out second week of July!
  • October 27 - The Dream Destinations Fall/Winter Travel Show MASS LIVE/The Republican: 1,000's of attendees - the spring show exceeded expectations. Includes a travel agent and tour operator event Sat, Oct 26.

Photo credit: © 2018 Port of Call Buffalo