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Jun 10, 2021


- Summer Has Begun! And after a particularly long winter, the season has never looked so bright. We'd like to thank you again for coming together this summer to encourage Roam The Empire and explore the magic of our state.

image.pngOver the past week, the team has had virtual meetings with multiple destinations and attractions across the state. We have really enjoyed learning about all the upcoming events, unique facts, and specialities within each destination.

Most of our posts come from independent research, so we'd love to hear fom you about what makes your destination special. If you have an important attribute or speciality within your destination that you'd like us share with our audience, don't hesitate to reach out!


Share Your Event With Us:

In the wake of a tiring year of cancellations, New Yorkers are eager to discover all of the exciting events coming up at your destination. Email us the promos for your upcoming events, festivals or competitions and we'll help put them on the map.

A few days ago, we met with Karen Kuhl and Claire Dunlap from Tour Cayuga, who let us know of the importance of promoting their county for Juneteenth. After all, it is the chosen home of abolitionist and activist Harriet Tubman! We've scheduled a post connecting the holiday with the uniqueness of Cayuga, and would love to do the same for your destination.


The Gift of 15K

We're grateful to announce that NYSTIA member Advance Media New York is supporting their statewide tourism colleagues with a summer-long digital and print media campaign. The grant, valued at $15,000, will be used to support the Roam The Empire cause and build awareness to New Yorkers everywhere.



Get Involved with NYS Trivia!

Over the past week, we've been working with the creative team at Mower to create some fun NYS trivia posts for our growing audience. Have you seen the most recent one about our Lady Liberty? We have plenty more in store, so keep your eyes peeled. What fun facts would you like us to feature? Share them with us via email.

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Weekly Post Highlight:

It's #PrideMonth and we're proud to see our partners sharing the love all over social media. We especially loved this inclusive post from theMartin house, which blended colorful imagery with accepting copy, all while promoting their destination. We're certainly celebrating that!




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Alana Gonzales: Alana is a Digital Content Specialist on Mower Agency's content team helping to run the Roam The Empire Instagram account. She works and lives in Syracuse, New York and has planned quite a few Empire staycations for the summer from boating on Cayuga and Skaneateles Lakes to visiting friends who've recently made Manhattan home. Feel free to send Alana an email at if you have any inquiries or comments as it pertains to the Roam The Empire Instagram account or for collaborations that you have in mind.

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Rachele Markle:
Rachele is NYSTIA's communications strategist and social media coordinator for NYSTIA socials and the Roam The Empire Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Born and raised in Oneida, New York, Rachele has managed the communications and social media for nonprofit organizations in the Netherlands, a virtual festival in London, and recently completed a masters in Tourism Destination Management in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can contact Rachele anytime at to collaborate on RTE content, ask questions, or just say hi!