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Governor Cuomo's April 16 COVID-19 Update: NYS on PAUSE Extended - Mass Transit - The New Normal

Apr 17, 2020

From Governor Cuomo @ 6:55 PM on April 16:

Over the past 46 days, we have put in place unprecedented policies to protect New Yorkers and save lives in this COVID-19 pandemic. I know that these policies have been challenging and hard for many people — but they continue to be necessary to protect all of us. What has inspired me is how every New Yorker has responded. Mitigation measures are working to flatten the curve not simply because they are mandated — but because New Yorkers like you are acting responsibly and abiding by them. I trust that when New Yorkers are given the facts, they do the right thing. And you have proven that, time and time again.

Brooklyn Drive-Thru Mobile Testing Center.
Photo of the Day: In Brooklyn, cars line up to enter the drive-thru mobile testing center at the Sears parking lot. The center is by appointment only — to make an appointment, call 888-364-3065. (Photo by Kevin Coughlin)
Here's what else you need to know tonight:

1. "New York on PAUSE" will be extended until May 15th. This action is taken in consultation with other regional states. Non-essential workers must continue to stay home and social distancing rules remain in place. We will re-evaluate after this additional closure period. I know this is hard, but we must stay the course.

2. Today I outlined a blueprint to get New Yorkers back to work and ease social isolation without triggering a renewed spread of the virus. The blueprint operates under one overarching principle — do no harm. As part of the strategy to reopen, we will strengthen the healthcare system; use diagnostic testing, antibody testing and contact tracing to limit the spread of the virus; and implement a phased return to a "new normal" — which will include evaluating risk by industry, starting with the most essential businesses that present the lowest risk, rethinking the workplace to make it safer, and implementing protocols for response if a worker develops COVID-19 symptoms. Real the full plan here.

3. New Yorkers MUST wear masks or face coverings on public transportation systems and while taking private transportation or riding in for-hire vehicles. Additionally, all operators of public systems, private carriers and for-hire vehicles must wear a mask or face covering at all times while working. These directives expand on the Executive Order announced yesterday requiring everyone in New York to wear a mask or a face covering when out in public and in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. The order will go into effect on Friday, April 17th, at 8 PM.

4. New York will send 100 ventilators to our friends in New Jersey. Other states helped us when we needed it most, and we are proud to do the same. We will get through this by helping one another.

5. The number of hospitalizations continue to fall but we are not out of the woods yet. Yesterday, total hospitalizations fell to 17,735, the third straight day of declines. However, infections remain high and the virus is still spreading. Visit to see the latest data.

Tonight's "Deep Breath Moment": Even though the Bronx Zoo is closed due to Coronavirus, you can still visit virtually through the zoo's Instagram page. You can catch up with many different animals, like the two recently hatched penguin chicks.

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Ever Upward,
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo