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Co-Op Profile: AAA - It's All New For 2020

Oct 8, 2019


AAA has an all-new lineup of 2020 marketing opportunities developed specifically for NYSTIA members!

AAA's 2020 Integrated Marketing Program will deliver the best of both worlds, combining a highly targeted print insert with a robust digital presence to yield optimum outcomes.

  • Our NYSTIA print insert will target 200,000 members with known NYS travel interest from the states of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. These targeted ads will combine content marketing and display ads in half-and-full page units.
  • With each issue, print participants will enjoy a robust digital presence:
    • Featured in a custom website and email article
    • One (1) email newsletter text ad reaching 1,000,000+ AAA members
    • ROS display ad during the print co-op month
    • Reader Service listing to 2M Northeast members (print and online)
  • Issues:
    • March/April: Multi-generational travel
    • May/June: Outdoor adventure
    • July/August: Culinary
  • Specs:
    • Half Page Co-op: $4,324 (comprised of 1/6 page ad & 110 words of copy)
    • Full Page Co-op: $6,897 (comprised of 1/2 page ad, 175 words of copy, photo and logo

Click here for details on AAA's 2020 Integrated Marketing Program

AAA's Digital Co-Op Program reaches their travel-loving digital audiences in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, Hartford-New Haven and Washington, DC metro areas. Their members are 34% more likely to take a trip in the continental U.S. and stay an average of 12 nights a year in a hotel!
The 2020 AAA Digital Co-op Program is built on Native Bundles, integrating several digital platforms:

  • SEO-optimized 1,000 word article featured in a dedicated Your AAA email promotion - an email with just your article and your display ad.
  • In-line, native text ad in Your AAA newsletter
  • Web Channel sponsorship of a relevant category on a first come, first served basis - you won all the banner ads on your "channel".
  • Packages:
    • Bronze (One month duration): $21,028
    • Titanium (Two months duration): $47,325

Click here for details on AAA's Native Bundle Digital Co-Op Program

Contact Matt Robertson today for more information: