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Rove: Destination Insights Platform

Driving Success With Data!

The Rove Destination Insights Co-Op program is designed to give members access to industry leading tourism data via Rove's Destination Insights Platform at affordable rates.

As part of NYSTIA's efforts to grow tourism across New York State, this program aims to strengthen data and analytics capabilities for all members to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of its tourism marketing and destination development efforts.

Key to this initiative is delivering timely, trusted, and actionable insights via real time dashboards and reports to key decision makers throughout the state to measure & optimize business performance, uncover new growth opportunities, and inform future strategy development.

Key benefits of the program are:

  • Modernize and transform how you make decisions and manage your business by introducing a Business Intelligence Platform that organizes all your marketing and tourism data and enables easy access to reports and analysis that can be shared across stakeholders.
  • Streamline and automate current manual tasks of data preparation and reporting.
  • Standardize and improve overall data quality to ensure that data being reported is trusted, timely, and relevant.
  • Provide a central repository and single source of truth of marketing, economic, and supply-side data.
  • Provide higher quality and more timely insights to key decision makers throughout the organization via real-time self-service dashboards and reports.
  • Strengthen overall team data literacy and insight-driven decision-making capabilities.

Through the Co-Op program, members can select from various tourism industry data sources to customize their platform to their needs and share data across their organizations.

Data sources include:

  • Near mobile location data
  • AirDNA short term rental data
  • Epsilon media attribution
  • US Demographic data
  • Tourism Economic report data
  • State level data sources (i.e. labour, park pass, fishing license, etc…)

Furthermore, members have the option to integrate their own proprietary data such as web performance data from Google Analytics, social data from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, digital media data, STR, tax revenue data, and more.

All packages are tailored to the needs of the region or county and priced accordingly.

For more information on this co-op program please contact :

James Sauter, Partner & Co-founder, Rove

rove partner page