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America 250th, A Milestone, 250 Years in the Making!

Leisure Group Travel’s June edition will be featuring our 1st edition of our America 250th Special Section

As we gear up for the historic America’s 250th commemoration in 2026, there’s an undeniable buzz in the air as destinations prepare to roll out the red, white and blue carpet for travelers. This is a unique occasion that will draw attention from travelers worldwide.

At Leisure Group Travel, we recognize the immense excitement surrounding this once-in-a-lifetime event and want to ensure that your brand stands at the forefront of this monumental journey.

Our Leisure Group Travel Platform is the go-to-brand for group marketing with (12,000 print subscribers), on (200,000 annual visitors) and our weekly e-newsletter (10,000 subscribers). Align your brand with us and this historic moment and
become a go-to-choice for group trips.

This coming June, we are thrilled to introduce our inaugural America’s 250th Special Section, an exclusive editorial that will capture the essence of this historic event. By participating in our America’s 250th Special Section, you’re ahead of the curve.  Be among the first to capture the interest of tour planners as they start to create itineraries. We will also have a webpage dedicated to America 250th on our website, where your ad will be featured with promotion via our newsletter and social media. Space closes April 15th!

A Very Special Opportunity for NYSTIA Members!

  • Purchase a half-page ad or larger and receive:
    • 1/6-page ad with sponsored editorial in our December edition of Leisure Group Travel in our Group Travel Destinations Special Section

December's edition of Leisure Group Travel is our most important edition of the year! People look forward to this edition all year.

  • Our Theme is Beaches and Mountains
  • Includes our Industry Forecast
  • Features our Titans of Tourism
  • Group Travel Destinations (GTD): Our very popular GTD will be showcasing what's new and significant to the Travel Industry within six U.S. regions and Canada.

Are you ready to seize this opportunity that took 250 years to happen?  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for NYSTIA Members, contact Diane today!

Contact Diane with your needs or questions:

Diane Meglino
Business Development Manager
Premier Travel Media
P: 630.794.0696 xt 509
C: 610.283.6160