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Tourism Advocacy Survey - Share Your Legislative & Budget Priorities!

Your thoughts and input is needed for NYSTIA to best serve you and our other members. Please take a few minutes to help us set our 2023-24 advocacy priorities. Specifically, your NYSTIA Advocacy Committee is looking for your input on legislative and budget priorities. Take this short survey to comment on the issues affecting your region/organization and how we can best support you. The survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Some topics or terms may be less familiar, so we have included definitions and details on the topics indicated. 

Thank you for your input. 

Stronger together,

Hillarie Logan-Dechene
Co-Chair, NYSTIA Advocacy Committee
Deputy Director, The Wild Center

Jeff Shipley
Co-Chair, NYSTIA Advocacy Committee
President & CEO, Discover Seneca
Seneca County Chamber

Respondent Information (Optional)
Your NYS tourism region: *
NYSTIA Member Type: *
Please prioritize the following issues from 1 - Least Important to 7 - Most Important:

*Some of the acronyms or terms in this survey may be new or unclear to you. We have attached an Advocacy Terms & Definitions document for details on legislative and budget issues.

Restoring ILNY matching funds budget to 2018* levels. *
Increases for ILNY budget overall, including matching funds. *
Maintain or increase the Market NY Grant Budget. *
Legislation supporting county level Tourism Improvement Districts* *
(Providing marketing & management funds, not infrastructure)
Short-term rental regulations* *
What types of short-term rental regulations would you like to see occur in your region?
Ie. introducing guidelines that address sustainability issues and funding relative to the quality of life for New York State residents (capacities/infrastructure, environmental issues, workforce development, etc.)
Local, Grassroots Advocacy:
Did you engage/meet locally with your NYS representatives to advocate for tourism in 2022?
Do you plan to engage/meet in with your local NYS representatives to advocate for tourism in 2023-24?
Please share your comments/suggestions.
Would it help you if NYSTIA were to provide handouts/literature with advocacy messaging and statistics for your use?
Would it help you to have NYSTIA leadership (CEO/COO/Board Members) accompany you to meetings in your district?
Are you aware of NYSTIA's advocacy platform?
Have you used NYSTIA's advocacy platform in the past?
Which of the following do you feel would merit your participation in 2023-24?
A statewide calling campaign - A scheduled day where tourism industry members reach out to their legislators?
A statewide email campaign - A scheduled day where all tourism industry members email their legislators?
A statewide direct mail campaign - A physical mailing of advocacy materials by all members to legislative offices?
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