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AARP: Content Marketing, Lead Generation

AARP: Targeting Lifestyle Segments / Seasonality / Lead Generation in 2024!

Pictured below: Fall 2023 Member Co-Op with Matching Space Content Marketing Feature :

The 2024 AARP NYSTIA Co-Op program will feature a February presentation in the AARP Mid-Atlantic Region (NY, NJ and PA) to target summer vacation planners and follow up with an October program in AARP's New England Region travel issue (CT, MA, ME, NH, NH, VT) to reach the fall and winter travel market.

Both issues will offer some compelling benefit features:

  • We will target AARP's age 50 to 59 "active & adventurous" audience, a prime audience for both multi-generational summer travel and off-peak couples and family weekend outings.
  • Advertisers will receive matching space for advertorial content, doubling your destination visibility, increasing your visual impact and branding opportunity.¬†
  • Both issues will offer reader service lead generation, and are expected to deliver thousands of valuable consumer contacts.

NYSTIA Member 2024 Co-Op Rates:

  • February Travel Issue (488,000 Households):
    • Mid-Atlantic Region Rates:
      • 1/6 Page: $3,625
      • 1/3 Page: $7,100
      • 1/2 page: $10,550
      • Full Page: $20,875
    • Space reservation: November 22, 2023
    • Materials due: December 1, 2023 for ads, advertorial copy and photos.
  • October Travel Issue (169,000 Households):
    • New England Region Rates:
      • 1/6 Page: $1,450
      • 1/3 Page: $2,825
      • 1/2 page: $4,220
      • Full Page: $8,330
    • Space reservation: June 30, 2024
    • Materials due: July 15, 2024 for ads, advertorial copy and photos.

If you would like to participate in the issue, please contact Bob Provost and Rachele Markle at and

For more information about AARP's audience, contact:

Dan Phillips
Integrated Account Manager
AARP Media Sales or 646-593-1998(m)